What is a CCG area?

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) commission most of the hospital and community NHS services in the local areas for which they are responsible. All GP practices now belong to a CCG, but CCGs also include other health professionals, such as nurses. Services CCGs commission include: most planned hospital care.

What is the meaning of CCG?

Clinical commissioning groups
Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) were established as part of the Health and Social Care Act in 2012, and replaced Primary Care Trusts on 1 April 2013. CCGs are groups of general practices (GPs) which come together in each area to commission the best services for their patients and population.

What is the aim of CCG?

The aim of CCGs is to give GPs, other local clinicians and patients the power to influence commissioning decisions.

What is CCG policy?

These are policies for those services which are commissioned for serving armed forces personnel and their families, and for those in detained settings, e.g. prisons, only. They do not apply to services commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) on behalf of their local populations.

What is a CCG scan?

Diagnostic Healthcare is an established NHS partner providing direct access diagnostic imaging. We have extensive experience of delivering MRI/CT scans, Ultrasound clinics and DEXA examinations to NHS Trust Hospitals, GP Federations and local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG).

What is CCG test?

CCG (Craniocorpography) is a vestibulo-spinal function test while ENG (electronystagmography) is a vestibulo- ocular function test-both these tests are routinely used in diagnosing peripheral and central vestibular lesions.

What is a commissioning policy?

A commissioning policy is a document that defines access to a service for a particular group of patients. A NICE Technology Appraisal Guideline on the same topic will replace, or be incorporated into, a commissioning policy as appropriate.

What is NHS commissioning?

Commissioning is the process of procuring health services. It is a complex process, involving the assessment and understanding of a population’s health needs, the planning of services to meet those needs and securing services on a limited budget, then monitoring the services procured.

What are physiological measurements NHS?

The term ‘physiological measurement’ refers to services that predominantly focus on assessing the function of major organ systems, providing information on the extent of disease or disability and the provision and/or response to therapeutic interventions.

What is PML NHS?

Physiological Measurements Ltd (PML) work with the NHS to provide you with quality diagnostic tests close to your home in the community. PML work seamlessly with the NHS to provide you with ultrasound and heart related diagnostics close to your home in the community.

How long does it take for CCG to approve funding?

It makes clear that the time between the checklist being received by the CCG and a continuing healthcare funding decision being made should not exceed 28 days. If the timeframe is longer than this then funding should be met by the NHS whilst a decision on eligibility is met.