What instruction is the Navy performance evaluation system?

BUPERS Instruction 1016.10 is the Navy’s Official instruction on reporting via the EVAL and FITREP system. This instruction was last updated in December of 2019.

When submitting an adverse concurrent report for an enlisted member the reporting senior must ensure Which of the following actions occur?

The concurrent reporting senior will ensure that all the reports in the summary group are submitted at one time. Both the reporting senior and the concurrent reporting senior will file a copy in their command files and provide a countersigned copy to the member.

How do I fill out a Navy eval?

How to Write a Navy Eval

  1. Introduction: two or three lines for the rater to describe the ratee’s performance and character.
  2. The introduction should describe aspects of character not readily apparent from achievements.
  3. accomplishment.
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What are evaluations in the Navy?

The purpose and goal of the Navy Eval is to accurately and fully describe performance. This is often accomplished by listing the notable achievements of the person being rated. While listing significant achievements does provide some insight into a person’s capabilities, it doesn’t provide the whole picture.

What are four types of in house training used in the Navy?

What are the four types of in house training used in the Navy? Orientation, on-the-job, refresher, and professional development.

What education program is fully funded by the Navy?

Tuition Assistance is the Navy’s educational financial assistance program. It provides active duty personnel funding for tuition costs for courses taken in an off-duty status at a college, university or vocational/technical institution.

How many months can a Navy eval cover?

15 months
Begin each Regular report on the day following the ending date of the previous report. Regular reports, including letter-extensions, may not cover more than 15 months without NAVPERSCOM (PERS-32) approval.

What is a Nob eval?

NOB (should be the only bullet on a NOB EVAL/FITREP): Member has been onboard less than 90 days, report submitted for continuity purposes only. NOB reports are intended to fulfill reporting requirements during periods of brief service when a detailed assessment cannot be provided.

How do you start an eval?

Steps for Writing an Evaluation Essay

  1. Choose your topic. As with any essay, this is one of the first steps .
  2. Write a thesis statement.
  3. Determine the criteria used to assess the product.
  4. Look for supporting evidence.
  5. Draft your essay.
  6. Review, revise & rewrite.

How do I find my navy eval?

All active duty and reserve personnel having a BOL account, a Common Access Card (CAC) and a CAC-enabled computer can now view their OMPF record online by selecting the “OMPF – My Record” link under the BOL Application Menu. See NAVADMIN 011/09 for details.

What is a concurrent eval for Navy?

A concurrent FITREP is most often received when you are deployed. It is “concurrent” because not only are you getting a FITREP from your deployed command/unit, but you are also getting one from your home/parent command. For example, I just returned from a deployment.

How are Navy PMA points calculated?

To calculate the Performance Evaluation Promotion Points or PMA (performance mark average), used in the chart below, one simply uses the average of the ratings received while in the current paygrade. Add up the marks received in the current paygrade, then divide by the total number of evaluations.