What important event happened in 1994?

1994 in South Africa saw the transition from South Africa’s National Party government who had ruled the country since 1948 and had advocated the apartheid system for most of its history, to the African National Congress (ANC) who had been outlawed in South Africa since the 1950s for its opposition to apartheid.

What was cool in 1994?

  • Forrest Gump: $330 million. Starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright and Gary Sinise.
  • The Lion King: $313 million.
  • True Lies: $146 million.
  • The Santa Clause: $145 million.
  • The Flintstones: $131 million.
  • Dumb & Dumber: $127 million.
  • Clear and Present Danger: $122 million.
  • Speed: $121 million.

What happened in the year 1994 UK?

12 May – John Smith (Labour Party leader) dies suddenly of a heart attack in London at 55 years old. 13 May – Film Four Weddings and a Funeral released in the UK. 25 May – The Camelot Group consortium wins the contract to run the UK’s first National Lottery.

What major events happened in 1974?

Major events in 1974 include the aftermath of the 1973 oil crisis and the resignation of United States President Richard Nixon following the Watergate scandal.

What is my age if I was born in 1994?

The number of years from 1994 to 2021 is 27 years.

Who famous died in 1994?

Kurt Cobain (musician) — Dead. Angst. Died April 8, 1994. Born February 20, 1967.

What was the #1 song of 1994?

Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1994

Title Artist(s)
1 “The Sign” Ace of Base
2 “I Swear” All-4-One
3 “I’ll Make Love to You” Boyz II Men
4 “The Power of Love” Céline Dion

What was invented in 1994?

In 1994, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. He published this, the very first website. Available today via CERN.

What is my age if I was born in 1995?

The number of years from 1995 to 2021 is 26 years.