What happened to rate my teacher reviews?

According to the websites PR Team, Rate My Teacher was purchased from its original owner in late 2018, and was relaunched last march with a “entirely new look and more pragmatically-focused approach,” meaning the new owners wiped all the existing comments.

Can I get in trouble for posting on rate my professor?

Nope! We don’t display any of your personal information anywhere on the site. We strongly encourage everyone to write constructive comments without including any identifying information about yourself or others. If our online moderators determine the comment could identify you or anyone else, the post will be removed.

Where can I find teacher reviews?

5 of the Best Sites to Rate your Teachers Online

  1. Docsity. The teacher-rating site Koofers has recently been purchased by and integrated into Docsity.
  2. Uloop.
  3. Rate My Teachers.
  4. Rate My Professors.
  5. Rate Your Lecturer.

What happened to rate my professor?

Viacom owned and operated RateMyProfessors.com for a decade. Cheddar announced its acquisition of RMP from Viacom in 2018. RMP is the largest online destination for professor ratings. The site includes 8,000+ schools, 1.7 million professors, and over 19 million ratings.

Is there another site like Rate My professor?

Koofers. Like Uloop, Koofers is a general resource for college students, covering more than just professor ratings. It has a user base of well over 1.6 million students from around the world, so you can be sure that your school is covered.

Is Rate My Teachers legit?

The Rate My Teachers (RMT) website provides students with an anonymous online platform to, as one would expect, rate and review their teachers. The site’s FAQ states that reviews are first moderated before being publicly posted, but does not specify how long it takes for a review to be posted.

Can you remove yourself from rate my professor?

Unfortunately we do not remove ratings just because someone may disagree with it. As the professor, you also have the ability to reply to your reviews and add any clarifications you see fit. To post these notes you will need to register for a Professor account.

Do professors rate themselves on RateMyProfessor?

Professors could rate themselves: Professors could write a review (or several) of themselves staging as a student to get a better reputation. If a professor has a low rating, they could improve it with just a click of a button.

How can a teacher get fired?

Understand that in order to terminate a teacher, one of the following must be proven: immoral conduct, incompetence, neglect of duty, substantial noncompliance with school laws, conviction of a crime, insubordination, fraud or misrepresentation. The teacher’s conduct must fall under one of these descriptions.

Is Rate My professor accurate?

With so much success, the site has expanded to Canada and the United Kingdom. Galen Deats, a sophomore at DePaul, said the site has been most helpful and gave him a great starting point when beginning his college career. “The ratings on ‘Rate My Professors’ are by and largely accurate,” Deats said.

How do I choose a professor?

7 Tips for Finding the Best Professors at College

  1. Check out ratemyprofessor.com.
  2. Look for online video courses.
  3. Check out the professor’s course website or blog.
  4. Find past or current students in your prospective major, and ask for their recommendations.
  5. Read their work.
  6. Sit in on some classes.
  7. Trial and error.