What happened to Judge Dread?

Death. Judge Dread died from a heart attack as he walked off stage after performing at The Penny Theatre in Canterbury on 13 March 1998. According to The Times his last reported words were: “Let’s hear it for the band!” When he collapsed, the audience at first thought that this was simply part of the act.

Is Judge Dread still alive?

Deceased (1945–1998)
Judge Dread/Living or Deceased

When did Judge Dread die?

March 13, 1998
Judge Dread/Date of death

Who is mama in Judge Dredd?

Lena Headey
Madeline Madrigal

Biographical information
First Appearance Dredd (2012 film)
Latest Appearance Dredd
Portrayed by Lena Headey

What was Judge dreads real name?

Alexander Minto Hughes
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Who is the dark Judge?

The Dark Judges are a group of undead beings from an alternate timeline, hailing from the planet Deadworld. Led by Judge Death, the Dark Judges believe that all life is a sin and that anything living is worthy of death. The main four consist of Death, Judge Fire, Judge Fear and Judge Mortis, although there are others.

Will Dredd get a sequel?

One would think that Dredd’s status as a critical darling and home video success would make it a shoo-in for a sequel. Unfortunately, things are rarely that simple. There have been numerous teases for a follow up since the movie’s 2012 release, but thus far, none have come to fruition.

Will there be a Dredd 2?

Thus, this time fans will get disappointed with this news however there is no Dredd 2 going to occur. The first part of this film was delivered in the year 2012 and from that point, forward peoples were checking for the release date of Dredd 2.

What does Dredd say to Ma Ma in Judge Dredd?

Dredd claims that he is the law and insults Ma-Ma, calling her merely a common criminal who is under the sentence of death, along with anyone who tries to stop him from carrying out the sentence. Anderson kills Kay and escapes, later helping Dredd kill four corrupt judges who Ma-Ma hired in an attempt to kill Dredd.

How did Dredd and Ma Ma kill Kay?

Anderson kills Kay and escapes, later helping Dredd kill four corrupt judges who Ma-Ma hired in an attempt to kill Dredd. Anderson and Dredd finally reach the top floor where they obtain the code to Ma-Ma’s penthouse from her disloyal computer expert and confront her.

Who was Madeline’s pimp in Judge Dredd?

Growing dissatisfied with her life, Madeline eventually had enough of a life of prostitution and killed her pimp, Lester Grimes. This was a vendetta attack because Grimes brutally murdered her boyfriend Eric after discovering that she intended to leave his business.