What happened to Greg The Completionist?

Greg was killed in Jirard’s crossover with Proton Jon, but somehow inexplicably returns to life after the opening theme.

What disease does The Completionist have?

Jirard Khalil, known as “The Completionist,” has been playing video games from start to finish on his YouTube show for the past decade. He begins each episode with a tribute to his mom, who he lost to frontotemporal dementia (FTD) in 2013.

What happened to The Completionist first 120 episodes?

The Completionist is a weekly YouTube web series created by Jirard Khalil. After his departure, he is replaced by Xander Mobus for the final completionist ratings. Due to issues regarding Greg, the first 120 episodes, in which he was featured, were deleted on September 1st 2017.

How old is jirard The Completionist?

Jirard Khalil (born: January 3, 1988 (1988-01-03) [age 33]), better known online as The Completionist, formerly ThatOneVideoGamer, is an American YouTube gaming commentator.

Why did JonTron leave NormalBoots?

He revealed that he wasn’t actually fired from NormalBoots, and instead he willingly resigned so as to avoid dragging any of the other creators on the site by proxy. The video used evidence to prove the most damning allegations untrue, though Jared also admitted that he was partially to blame.

What does Completionist mean?

1. someone who tends to complete every single task given to them. That guy finished all the quests in the video game. He’s a completionist.

Is The Completionist Lebanese?

“My dad was an immigrant from Lebanon who worked his ass off for all us kids to have a future. “This show is about how my dad was an influencer for me; how I came to my passion as a gamer,” he said. “I’m telling stories.” His father still doesn’t quite know what he does, but “he’s really proud of me,” he said.

Is ProJared still friends with Normal Boots?

Despite this, Jon is still recognized as a founding member of Normal Boots. On May 9th, 2019, it was announced that ProJared had been dismissed from Normal Boots, due to a controversy relating to accusations of infidelity as well as the discovery of innappropriate conduct with fans.

What happened to Satchell Drakes?

Satchell Drakes (born February 12, 1988) aka “Satchbag” is an NYC-based product designer, filmmaker, and internet creator. On May 12th 2019, Satchell Drakes formally announced his voluntary departure from Normal Boots.

What is a completionist gamer?

noun. (in a video game) a player who attempts to complete every challenge and earn every achievement or trophy: I’m not really a completionist, so I skipped the side missions and focused on the main story quests.

Who owns The Completionist?

Jirard Khalil
Jirard Khalil is known as The Completionist on YouTube through his YouTube channel That One Video Gamer. He currently owns his own business, That One Video Entertainment LLC and resides as the president and CEO.

Is Jirard Khalil Arab?

Jirard Khalil The Completionist on Twitter: “@MoTemsah I AM Lebanese!”

Who is the creator of The Completionist on YouTube?

The Completionist is a weekly YouTube web series created by Jirard Khalil. Nearly every week, Jirard chooses one game and completes every possible in-game task, 100%, in three to four days. In each episode, Jirard sequentially discusses several aspects of the spotlight game, hitting the story, presentation, gameplay,…

Are there any other games like The Completionist?

Red Greg Redemption – The Mediocre-ist – Completionist Anniversary PART 1 041. Megaman X4 – The Completionist Anniversary Special Part 2 Episode 41 Featuring. The Warp Zone 042. Star Wars The Force UNLEASH THE FURY – The Completionist Episode 42 043. God of War – The Completionist Episode 43 – REMASTERED 044.

What was the final score for The Completionist?

The Final Score reflects Jirard’s final recommendation for the game with scores ranging from “Complete it,” “Finish it,” “Play it,” “Look at it,” or “Burn it.” As of the Sonic ’06 episode, Jirard decided he no longer wanted to burn games, and as a result the “Burn It” rating has been changed to “Donate It,” which was first given to Cool Spot.

Who is the defense attorney in The Completionist?

Combining his own style with that of Capcom’s Ace Attorney games, Jirard chooses a poorly received game that he finds redeemable, and performs a courtroom-styled review. Jirard (the defense attorney), and Andrew Campbell (the prosecuting attorney), both heatedly argue about the positives and negatives, respectively.