What happened to Brian Lane on New Tricks?

Brian Lane (born c. 1946), sometimes referred to as “Memory Lane”, was a Detective Inspector for the Metropolitan Police Service, retiring in 2000. After realising that he did not enjoy retirement as well as the realisation that he would have access to police records, he decided to join UCOS.

What episode does Brian leave New Tricks?

The Little Brother
The Little Brother was the fourth episode of the tenth series of New Tricks. It was the final episode to feature Brian Lane, played by Alun Armstrong.

Does Brian Lane leave Ucos?

But being the most eccentric detective on the force, Brian deals with the revelation in an unconventional way. Even though this plot point leads to Detective Lane having to leave the UCOS, its significance is huge: Brian has done what he rejoined the police force to do, and his mind is finally at rest again.

Is there a real Ucos?

UCOS may refer to: MicroC/OS-II, an operating system for microprocessors. Unsolved Crime and Open case Squad, a fictional department of the Metropolitan Police in New Tricks (TV series)

Who is Alun Armstrong’s son?

Joe Armstrong
Tom ArmstrongDan Armstrong
Alun Armstrong/Sons

Why was New Tricks Cancelled?

BBC1 detective show New Tricks is axed after 12 years to ‘increase the range of drama on the channel’ It has already been criticised by its own cast for not being as good as it used to be. Now BBC1 has called time on detective drama New Tricks after 12 years on our screens.

Who is leaving the TV show New Tricks?

New Tricks has been an important part of my life and I’ve found it very easy to play Sandra. She’s very bossy and, I have to admit, so am I!” The end of the show’s current season will be marked by another departure, as ex-DI Brian Lane, played by co-star Alun Armstrong, is also exiting the show.

When do you get a lane departure warning?

Lane Departure Warning (LDW): Drivers get audible and/or visual warnings that their vehicle is approaching or crossing lane markings when the turn signal is not activated.

Why did Alun Armstrong leave the show New Tricks?

Alun Armstrong is quitting ‘ New Tricks ‘. The veteran actor – who has played the role of Brian Lane in the BBC crime series since its inception in 2003 – has decided to leave the show after the current run, but it is not believed to be related to his co-star Amanda Redman ‘s recent comments that it had become ”dull”.

What was the turning point in New Tricks?

A further blow comes when Brian learns that the reason for Jack’s resignation is a terminal illness. Jack’s departure is a turning point in the series, and it reminds us how much the officers care about each other personally as well as professionally.