What gang controls Englewood Chicago?

The Black Disciples, Black P Stones and Gangster Disciples have been the ruling forces of these streets. Englewood has been considered one of the top 5 most violent and dangerous neighborhood for several years and has often achieved the number 1 spot many times.

What is the most powerful gang in Chicago?

Gangster Disciples
One of the largest Black street gangs in Chicago is the Gangster Disciples. It started as a merger in the 1960’s between David Barksdale of the Black Disciples and Larry Hoover of the Supreme Gangsters.

What gang is 63rd?

OBlock (63rd to 66th on King)…Bucktown/Wicker Park:

  • WildSide MLDs (Altgeld to Fullerton, California to Washtenaw)
  • Mexico City (Fullerton to Shakespeare on Rockwell)
  • Spanish Lords (McLean to Cortland, Western to Oakley)
  • Latin Kings (Crystal to Division, Damen to Wolcott)
  • BAst MLDs (Julian to Beach, Paulina to Ashland)

What is the biggest street gang in Chicago?

Conservative Vice Lords and Traveling Vice Lords (TVL) being the largest of the factions. The Vice Lords are allied with other elements of the People Nation, such as the Black P Stones and Latin Kings, and its main rivals are the Gangster Disciples and other gangs in the Folk Nation.

What is the nicest part of Chicago?

Here Are the Best Places to Live in Chicago

  • Lakeview. Lakeview is situated right where you think it is, next to the lake.
  • Lincoln Park. In this writer’s opinion, Lincoln Park is the best neighborhood to live in the city.
  • Old Town.
  • West Loop.
  • Wicker Park.

Whats the worst gang in Chicago?

Some of the gangs that contribute most of the crime on the streets of Chicago:

  • Vice Lords.
  • Black P. Stones.
  • Latin Kings.
  • Black Disciples.
  • Maniac Latin Disciples.
  • Spanish Cobras.
  • Almighty Saints.
  • Spanish Gangster Disciples.

What gang wears red in Chicago?

Bloods members identify themselves through various indicators, such as colors, clothing, symbols, tattoos, jewelry, graffiti, language, and hand signs. The Bloods’ gang color is red. They like to wear sports clothing, including jackets that show their gang color.

Is there a map of the Chicago gangs?

The map of Chicago Gangs, shows the different blocks and ‘hoods of the 2010s and some of the old gang sets all over the West Side, South Side, and East Side, as well the location of all of old housing projects that were torn down, the history of the gangs and their beginning and more. Chicago Gangs Map Key: Red = Black P. Stones.

What was the history of the Englewood gang?

Englewood is the birthplace of the Supreme Gangsters (1964) and Devil’s Disciples that would later take part in the formation of the Black Gangster Disciples, then later break apart to form the Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples, which is how GDs and BDs are really strong in this community.

Where are the railroad tracks in Englewood?

Garfield Boulevard on the north, 75th Street to 76th Street on the south, railroad tracks to La Salle Street to Wentworth Avenue to Yale Street to Harvard Avenue to Stewart Avenue to Eggleston Avenue to the tracks on the east (in a staircase shape bordering the jagged boundaries of Greater Grand Crossing), Racine Avenue of the west

What was the Englewood neighborhood like in the 1930s?

The 1930s did see a boom in the neighborhood as the 63rd Street and Halsted shopping center was constructed and became a very busy retail district that was the second busiest shopping area in the entire city. The Sears store built in the neighborhood generated lots of employment and revenue for the community by 1934.