What food is served at an Indian wedding?

To quickly recap, 15 popular Indian wedding food dishes are:

  • Pea & Mint Soup.
  • Dahi Bhalla.
  • Aloo Tikki.
  • Dal Bukhara.
  • Litti Chokha.
  • Dal Makhani.
  • Butter Chicken.
  • Amritsari Paneer Tikka.

What is the best veg menu for a wedding?

– Indian Chaat makes for a good starter in a wedding. Wedding without Indian chat is simply bland, so add few or all items to your wedding

  • Pani Poori.
  • Aloo Tikki.
  • Dahi Bhalla.
  • Mumbai ragda patties.
  • Dahi Puri.
  • Mini Samosa.
  • Cocktail Kachori.
  • Dhokla.

What should be included in a wedding menu?

Feel free to get creative and have fun with your wording, but your menu template should include the following:

  • Description of Courses (or List of Dishes Served)
  • Main Ingredients in Each Dish.
  • A Welcome and Thank You (Optional)
  • Your Names and Wedding Date (Optional)
  • Menu Sample Wording: Plated.
  • Menu Sample Wording: Buffet.

What is the cheapest meal to serve at a wedding?

Check out these Inexpensive Wedding Foods that you can serve as a plated meal at your wedding reception.

  • Oatmeal: Wild Mushroom & Asparagus, Oatmeal, Oatmeal Crusted Chicken or Fish.
  • Potatoes: Baked Potatoes, Potato Soup, Duchess Potatoes, Roasted Potatoes.
  • Canned Tuna: Salad Nicoise.
  • Bread: Rolls, Breadsticks.

How many days does an Indian wedding last?

three days
How long is an Indian wedding? A typical Indian wedding timeline stretches about three days. The Hindu wedding ceremony, which takes place on the third day, usually lasts between one-and-a-half to two hours and is then followed by the reception. The whole day clocks around 16 hours.

What do vegetarians eat at weddings?

Here’s a tasty sample vegetarian wedding menu that’ll satisfy all of your guests.

  • Soy chorizo with mole sauce and pickled onions.
  • Grilled peach summer salad with burrata cheese, mâche leaves, and candied pecans.
  • Beet tartare on fried beet chips.
  • Butternut squash risotto in Fall with pecorino cheese, walnuts, and sage.

Do you need a vegetarian option at a wedding?

While putting your regular options like which meat your guest would prefer, make sure to include a vegan and/or vegetarian checkbox. Yes, your guests have a lot more options to choose from, but sometimes, especially for vegans, their options may range from salad, steamed vegetables, rice and maybe even some fruit.

Do you put vegetarian option on wedding menu?

Rather than have your friends and family suffer through the obligation, it’s usually best to ask in advance of the wedding day for a meal selection. If you’re keeping the alternative options quiet, you can make a small mention on your menu cards that there’s a vegetarian and gluten-free option available upon request.

How do you display a wedding menu?

From calligraphing your menu on mirrors to scrawling it on tablecloths, these 12 creative menu display ideas are all the inspiration you need.

  1. A Vintage-Style White Window Frame.
  2. Wood Pallets.
  3. Calligraphed Leaves.
  4. Hanging Embroidery Hoops Decorated With Flowers and Greenery.
  5. A Tall Framed Chalkboard Sign.
  6. An Ornate Mirror.

How do you make a cheap wedding dinner?

Cheap buffets emphasize filling, low-cost sides, such as:

  1. Potato salad.
  2. Mashed potatoes.
  3. Rolls.
  4. Steamed vegetables.
  5. Corn on the cob.
  6. Rice and beans.
  7. Cooking greens.
  8. Casseroles.