What flies do sea trout eat?

When Sea Trout are Feeding In many ways, when sea trout are seen feeding either on dry flies or on emergers (nymphs about to eclode and become winged insects) they are as easy and sometimes even easier to catch than resident brown trout.

What size fly rod for sea trout?

Generally speaking, if you are looking for a suitable all-purpose sea trout rod a 7# weight in 9′ or 9′ is the one to go for.

What is the best place to fly fish for trout in the world?

1. Kamchatka. If you want to catch huge numbers of native trout on skittering mouse imitations, Kamchatka is the undisputed champion. Kamchatka has the best trout fishing on planet Earth, but only if you enjoy watching giant rainbows destroy your mouse pattern in a hundred different ways.

What is the best fly for brown trout?

13 Favorite Flies For Catching Brown Trout

  1. Rabbit Strip Streamer – Size 8.
  2. Woolly Bugger – White, Black, Olive and Blue – Size 8.
  3. Skunk with rubber legs – Size 10.
  4. Pheasant Tail Nymph – Size 12.
  5. Crayfish – Size 8 and 10.
  6. Green Caddis with and without a bead head – Size 14.
  7. Bead Head Hares Ear Nymph – Size 14.

What is the best fly line weight for trout?

For trout fishing, new anglers should focus on line weights 4-6. I personally prefer a four weight fly line (and matching fly reel and fly rod). The reason is because a lighter fly fishing outfit makes smaller fish more fun to catch.

What weight fly rod is best for trout?

Virtually all fly fishing guides agree that a 9′ rod for 5-weight line is the most versatile trout rod in the world. If you’re likely to fish a mix of lakes, creeks and rivers, a 9′ 5-weight is a no brainer first rod. If you have no idea where you are going to fish, buy a 9′ 5-weight.

Where is the best place to trout fish?

8 Best Destinations for Trout Fishing in the U.S. [Plus Bonus Destinations Below]

  1. Frying Pan River, Colorado.
  2. Henry’s Fork, Idaho.
  3. White River, Arkansas.
  4. Bighorn River, Montana.
  5. Green River, Utah.
  6. Deschutes River, Oregon.
  7. Beaverkill River, New York.
  8. Connecticut River, Vermont & New Hampshire.

What size fly is best for trout?

Typically sizes 12-18 are best. Even when caddis are hatching, instead of mayflies, the Adams will draw strikes. When midges are emerging, it’s also hard to top a tiny Adams in sizes 20-24. (It’s challenging to tie in wings that small, so just skip them from the pattern when creating the fly in these miniscule sizes.)

What is the best bait to catch sea trout?


  • Soft plastic Shrimp. Since these lures imitate the sea trout’s primary food source, they work well.
  • Plastic tail grub jigs. Pink-colored plastic tail grub jigs in ¼, ⅜, and ½-ounce weights are very effective at catching trout.
  • Soft plastic jerk baits.
  • Topwater plugs.
  • Spoons.