What engine is in a BMW 525i 2004?

2.5 L 6-cylinder
2004 BMW 525i/Engine

How much horsepower does a 2004 BMW 530i have?

225 hp
2004 BMW 530i/Horsepower

Is a 2004 BMW 530i a good car?

The redesigned 2004 BMW 530i replaced the model that was CR’s best car tested for two years, but it didn’t quite keep that car’s winning streak going. This new version has slightly improved fuel economy and rear-seat room.

Is a 2004 BMW 525i a good car?

The 2004 BMW 525i is a very nice looking vehicle. The body style changed in that year and really increased the overall appearance of the vehicle. The Control knob is kind of hard to get used to when you want to operate the systems on the car. Overall a great ride.

What cars have the N52 engine?

BMW’s N52 engine is one of its most successful, and most produced inline-6 engines. The N52 was predominately found in the E90 325i, 328i and 330i, and the E60 525i and 528i models, as well as various others such as the 128i, X1, and Z4 to name a few.

Which BMW engine do I have?

Search for the VIN of your BMW. BMWs list the VIN on the left side of the dash looking in through the windshield or in the right inner fender. The fourth through eighth number in the VIN indicate features including the engine type.

Does 2004 BMW 530i have Turbo?

The 530i holds a 225-horsepower 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine, with the same transmission choices plus a sequential manual transmission (SMT)….Engines.

Turbocharged dohc I6
Engine Torque (lb-ft) 220-300
Avail. Trans. EPA MPG (city/hwy) MPG avg. as tested
6-speed manual SMT manual 6-speed automatic 19/28 20/30 20/27

What kind of engine does a 2004 BMW 530i have?

Used 2004 BMW 5 Series 530i Specs & Features

Base engine size 3.0 l
Base engine type Gas
Cam type Double overhead cam (dohc)
Cylinders Inline 6

What engine is in a 2004 BMW 530i?

3.0 L 6-cylinder
2004 BMW 530i/Engine

Is the 2005 BMW 530i reliable?

Very dependable and comfortable car I’ve owned this car for the past 6 years and put nearly 100k miles on it. The only repair issues I’ve had is replacing the leaking gaskets.

How much horsepower does a 2004 BMW 525i have?

184 hp
2004 BMW 525i/Horsepower

What engine does a 2004 530i have?

What’s the price of a 2004 BMW 5 Series?

The BMW 5 Series 2004 prices range from $6,990 for the basic trim level Sedan 5 Series 525i to $9,999 for the top of the range Sedan 5 Series 530i. The BMW 5 Series 2004 comes in Sedan and Wagon. The BMW 5 Series 2004 is available in Premium Unleaded Petrol.

What kind of engine does a BMW 5 series have?

The BMW 5 Series 2004 comes in Sedan and Wagon. The BMW 5 Series 2004 is available in Premium Unleaded Petrol. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the Sedan 2.5L 6 SP Auto Steptronic to the Sedan 3.0L 6 SP Auto Steptronic. Interested in a BMW 5 Series?

How much does a BMW 5 series cost?

It needed 4 new brake pads and rotors for $2200, 4 new tires for $1200, all new PCV hoses for $850, Spark Plugs for $300, transmission fluid and filter exchange for $900, water pump and coolant for $75 (DIY), $200 for a sunroof leak and the subwoofer it took out (DIY), and $300 in oil and filter changes.

When did I buy a 2004 BMW 530i?

It’s a trap! I owned a 2004 530i that I purchased in 2013 for a year and six months and 20,000 miles. In those 20,000 miles the vehicle needed more than $5,000 in maintenance and repair items, and this was a clean 1 owner example that had been meticulously maintained.