What does the word gorget mean?

armor protecting the throat
1 : a piece of armor protecting the throat — see armor illustration. 2a : an ornamental collar. b : a part of a wimple covering the throat and shoulders. c : a specially colored patch on the throat especially : a bright patch of feathers on the throat of a bird and especially a hummingbird.

What does a gorget look like?

A gorget is a metal neck piece, lunette or crescent-shaped, usually made of silver or gilded brass. Until the end of the 18th century gorgets were worn by many officers in many countries as symbols of rank. During this period the gorget was suspended around the neck by a chain or ribbon.

What is a Indian gorget?

Shell gorgets are a Native American art form of polished, carved shell pendants worn around the neck. The earliest shell gorgets date back to 3000 years BP. They are believed to have been insignia of status or rank, either civic, military, or religious, or amulets of protective medicine.

What are gorget feathers?

A hummingbird’s brilliant throat feathers are called a “gorget,” a term applied in past centuries to the metallic swatch protecting the throat of a knight-in-armor. Light waves reflect and refract off the throat feathers, creating color in the manner of sun glinting off a film of oil on water.

What is a general officer gorget?

General. Gorget Patches were also worn on the collar of the uniform, recalling the metal gorgets worn by officers of the British Army in previous centuries as a badge of rank. They were first worn by the British Army in 1887, and by 1914 had become standard in the Canadian Militia to denote generals and staff officers.

What is a Bannerstone used for?

The bannerstone was used as a spindle weight to make string to tie on fletching and points , and a spindle weight to turn and taper dart shafts. It was not part of the atlatl at all but was carried in a kit, made from bark or leather, with the atlatl.

What is a Mississippian gorget?

We have given the name Mississippian to the people who produced this shell gorget, and we call their religion the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex. In much of the Woodlands, the Morning Star was equated with masculinity—the ultimate warrior, hunter, protector, and defender, as well as conqueror and destroyer.

What was the breastplate worn by German soldiers?

The gorget was revived as a uniform accessory in Nazi Germany, seeing widespread use within the German military and Nazi party organisations. During World War II, it continued to be used by Feldgendarmerie (military field police), who wore metal gorgets as emblems of authority.

What is neck armor called?

A gorget is a special piece of armor that protects a soldier’s neck.

Do female Anna hummingbirds have red throats?

The iridescent throat patch of male hummingbirds is called a gorget. Oddly, female Anna’s have a tiny red gorget—females of most species have none.

Where was the Middle Bronze Age in Ireland?

Middle Bronze Age, 1200 – 1000 bc. Found at the Rath of the Synods, Tara, Co. Meath, in 1810, these magnificent torcs which, between them, contain over a kilogram of gold, are the finest of their class from Ireland.

When did the gorget become a part of plate armour?

At the beginning of the 16th century, the gorget reached its full development as a component of plate armour.

Where was the gorget found in Co.Clare?

The gorget was found in the Burren, Co. Clare. It can now be viewed at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. A metalwork technique used to create a raised pattern on the surface of the metal. The pattern or design is created by hammering or pressing into the back of the metal with various implements.

Why is the Gleninsheen Gorget important to Ireland?

In 1973, the Gleninsheen gorget was used as Ireland’s silver hallmark for the year to commemorate the country joining the European Economic Community (now known as the European Union). The treasures of Ireland’s ancient past and the craftspeople that have gone before us, inspire our Irish designs and our work.