What does the Nigerian slang e choke mean?

It Chokes
E Choke. This is a very popular and currently trending street slang that was started by famous Nigerian singer, David “Davido” Adeleke. “E Choke” literarily means “It Chokes”, however, in the street language, it is an exclamatory remark for something overwhelming or extremely impressive.

What does Oya mean in pidgin?

Definition: lets get it on or its on. Example: oya make we start to work means lets get to work.

What does Oya mean in African?

The name Oya is primarily a gender-neutral name of African – Yoruba origin that means Wind Warrior Goddess.

What does SAPA slang mean in Nigeria?

Sapa, a slang word that has been reigning in Nigeria to describe a state of brokenness and extreme poverty, especially after extravagant spending.

How do you say hello in pidgin?

Usually pronounced “har fa”. “How far?” is the most common way to say “hello” in Nigerian pidgin…. When you are not sure how to greet somebody, it is always appropriate to say “Kóyo ”.

What does Na you sabi mean?

Na you sabi. Definition: 1. A subtle way of saying ‘I don’t care what you think’ 2.

What does Ginger mean in Nigerian slang?

To “ginger” someone in Lagos slang means to make someone feel good or to spice them up.

What is Oya The god of?

Oya is one of the most powerful African Goddesses (Orishas). A Warrior-Queen, She is the sister-wife of the God Shango, to whom She gave the power to create storms. Much of Oya’s energy is rooted in the natural world; She is the Goddess of thunder, lightning, tornadoes, winds, rainstorms, and hurricanes.

Why are Nigerian slangs so popular in Nigeria?

One way to get assimilated into the Nigerian way of life is to learn the Nigerian slang and understand it. Nigerians are very emotional people. One reason why slangs are popular in Nigeria is that they can be used to express emotion — vent frustration, disapproval, displeasure, exhilaration and excitement.

What do Nigerians mean when they say Jand?

When a Nigeria talks about jand, he is talking about shifting base and leaving the country. Nigerians say ‘jand’ in place of abroad. 7. Chelsea and barca When Nigerians use this slang, they are referring to the curves of a woman.

What does the word ja mean in Nigeria?

When Nigerians say ‘ja’, it means to escape. They use it when relaying their experiences about a situation where they had to run for their safety. This is different from having to cut a substance like the Yoruba meaning of break. 5. Akata This is a popular slang in Nigeria as it is being used for whites.

What does Barca stand for in Nigerian slang?

When Nigerians use this slang, they are referring to the curves of a woman. It could be misleading as people could think they are talking about football; barca means backside for most Nigerians. 8. Fall hand Nigerians often use this slang while speaking pidgin. It means to be disappointed.