What does Tabarnak mean?

tabarnak [ˌtabaʁnak] (tabernacle): “tabernacle”; typically considered the most profane of the sacres. viarge [vjaʁʒ] (vierge): “the Virgin Mary”

What does Tabernac mean in Quebecois?

Tabarnak, Câlice, Baptême Directly translating as tabernacle, chalice, and baptism, these are three of the most common sacres that can be heard in Quebecois. Tabarnak is considered to be the most profane.

What does Ostia mean in Quebec?

Based on my knowledge of the analogous Quebecois French swear word, I’d say “ostia!” most likely means exactly what it says when you look up “ostia” in the WR dictionary: the “host,” or communion wafer.

What’s the definition of Quebecois?

: a native or inhabitant of Quebec specifically : a French-speaking native or inhabitant of Quebec.

Why is Tabarnak a bad word?

Tabarnak [Quebec] Another blasphemous swear word as it comes from ‘tabernacle’ which is the small piece of furniture where the hosts are stored. It can be translated as ‘holy shit’ or ‘holy fuck’.

What does Tbk mean in French?

Interjection. TBK. (Quebec) Abbreviation of tabarnak.

Is Ostia a bad word?

Depends on the context, but it’s usually slang: “¡Ostia!” – Just to express shock or anger (like the F word). Just be careful with this one, it can mean exactly the opposite (you’d be insulting someone) depending on how you say it and the context.

What is a person from Quebec called?

For purposes of convenience in this article, Francophone residents of Quebec are generally referred to as Québécois, while all residents of the province are called Quebecers.

What is Ostia called in English?

“Ostia” (plur. of “ostium”) is a derivation of “os”, the Latin word for “mouth”. At the mouth of the River Tiber, Ostia was Rome’s seaport, but due to silting the site now lies 3 kilometres (2 miles) from the sea.

Where does the swear word tabarnak come from?

Swear word used in the Canadian French slang language, it originated from the word ” tabernacle “, a cabinet in Christian churches containing what is needed to celebrate the Eucharist. It is the equivalent of “fuck” in its variety of uses, as it can be used as a noun, an adverb or simply an exclamation.

When do French Canadians use the word tabarnak?

Curse used by french Canadians. Often used when things go wrong or used simply as as adjective in a sentence. Ca và mal en tabarnak. Get the tabarnak neck gaiter and mug. originated from quebec, “tabernak” is an insult useing the churches ” tabernacle ” as a swear word .

How to pronounce tabarnak in Sign Language?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word tabarnak. How to pronounce tabarnak? How to say tabarnak in sign language? We’re doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.

Are We missing a good definition for tabarnak?

Are we missing a good definition for tabarnak? Don’t keep it to yourself… The ASL fingerspelling provided here is most commonly used for proper names of people and places; it is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment.