What does manual lymphatic drainage massage do?

MLD is a light, skin-stretching massage that helps promote the movement of lymphatic fluid out of the swollen limb. It should not be confused with a traditional massage. MLD is specifically focused on the lymph vessels to help the flow of lymphatic fluid.

What are the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage?

MLD It’s a very gentle massage that helps to promote relaxation, immune function and reduce edema (buildup of fluid) in the body. It has a calming effect to the nervous system due to the repetitive rhythmic sequence. MLD also has an analgesic effect so it’s great for aiding in pain reduction.

Can you do lymphatic massage on yourself?

Your palms allow more contact with the skin to stimulate (pump) the lymph vessels. Massage towards areas of your body that have not been treated for cancer such as your chest and underarms. Make sure you are in a comfortable position. You can self-massage while sitting, standing or lying down.

What does manual lymphatic drainage ( MLD ) mean?

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), sometimes called manual lymphatic therapy, uses light touch to move excess lymph and fluid out of the tissues and back into the lymphatic vessels.

How long does it take for manual lymphatic drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Although often referred to as a type of massage, MLD is very different from traditional forms of massage that rely on deep and rigorous rubbing. MLD is much gentler and should feel as if the skin is being brushed, not rubbed or kneaded. One session of MLD typically takes about 20-45 minutes.

How is lymphatic drainage used to treat fibrosis?

The pressure is varied according to the underlying tissue with the aim to promote lymphatic drainage. Areas of fibrosis are treated using deeper and firmer movements in combination with Compression therapy. The lymphatic drainage starts centrally and proximally with treatments usually starting around the neck.

Do you need insurance for manual lymphatic drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Research studies haven’t clearly proven the effectiveness of MLD, but they have shown that CDT is effective — and CDT usually includes MLD. Many insurance plans cover MLD because it’s done during an office visit with your lymphedema therapist. However, you’ll need to check the details of your own insurance plan.