What does I Know You Rider lyrics mean?

It’s about lost love, “rider” is a term often used in blues/old country songs which references a girl you’re with.

Who wrote I Know You Rider song?

Grateful Dead
China Cat Sunflower / I Know You Rider/Artists

What Grateful Dead album is I Know You Rider on?

The Grateful Dead
China Cat Sunflower/Album

Who wrote China Cat Sunflower?

Grateful Dead
Robert Hunter
China Cat Sunflower/Lyricists

When was I Know You Rider written?

Grateful Dead Family Discography: I Know You Rider. The first occurrence of this song is in the book American Ballads & Folk Songs by John A Lomax & Alan Lomax which was published in 1934.

What cat is from China?

The dragon li is unofficially considered the national cat of China and is rarely seen outside its origin country.

What key is China Cat Sunflower?

Title: China Cat Sunflower
By: Grateful Dead
Instruments: Voice, range: D4-C6 Piano Guitar Backup Vocals
Scorings: Piano/Vocal/Guitar
Original Published Key: G Major

What key is I Know You Rider?

While it’s true that the primary chord in “I Know You Rider” is D, and the song is said to be in the key of D overall, the notes and chords are not actually drawn from the D major scale. Instead, they are drawn from the G major scale, but centered on the 5th degree, D, making what’s called D Mixolydian mode.

What key is Going Down the Road Feeling Bad in?

Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad -> is written in the key of A. Open Key notation: 4d.

What is the most common cat in China?

Dragon Li
Other names Chinese Lia Hua Líhuā māo (貍花貓)
Common nicknames Chinese Fox Flower Cat
Origin China
Domestic cat (Felis catus)

Who was the original singer of I Know you Rider?

Well known versions include those by The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, James Taylor (as “Circle Round the Sun”, on James Taylor ), the Seldom Scene and Hot Tuna. The Astronauts released a version on their 1967 album Travelin’ Men. The Byrds recorded the song during 1966, under the title “I Know My Rider (I Know You Rider)”,…

When did Blind Lemon Jefferson release I Know you Rider?

I Know You Rider. “I Know You Rider” (also “Woman Blues” and “I Know My Rider”) is a traditional blues song that has been adapted by numerous artists. Modern versions can be traced back to Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “Deceitful Brownskin Blues”, which was released as a single in 1927.

When did Tossi Aaron sing I Know you Rider?

In the mid-1950s, traditional musician Bob Coltman found the song in the Lomax book, arranged it and began singing it frequently around Philadelphia and New England circa 1957-1960. In 1959, Coltman taught it to Tossi Aaron who recorded it in 1960 for her LP Tossi Sings Folk Songs & Ballads on Prestige International.

When did Joan Baez record I Know you Rider?

I Know You Rider. Joan Baez recorded a version for her 1960 debut album on Vanguard Records but the track was not released until 2001. Throughout the early 1960s the song gained popularity through folk performers, most notably The Kingston Trio, who included the song “Rider” on their album Sunny Side! in 1963.