What does Column 2 of the hazardous materials Table describe?

Column 2 lists the descriptions and proper shipping names that can be used to describe hazardous materials. It is important to remember that the proper shipping names are the ones shown in Roman type, not italics. However, words and punctuation marks in italics may be used in addition to the proper shipping name.

What is G in column 1 of HMT?

The letter ‘G’ identifies proper shipping names for which one or more technical names of the hazardous material must be entered in parentheses, near the basic description. The letter ‘I’, a counterpart to letter ‘D’, identifies proper shipping names which are accepted for international transportation of HazMat.

When looking at column 2 of the HazMat table How do you know what is the proper shipping name for a hazardous material?

To select a proper shipping name, refer to column 2 of the hazardous materials table at 49 CFR 172.101 and look for a shipping name that most specifically corresponds to the material to be shipped.

What is column 9 of the HMT?

Column 9 identifies quantity limitations aboard passenger aircraft and rail car and cargo aircraft.

What info is found in column 2 of the HMT?

proper shipping names
Column 2 of the HMT contains proper shipping names are found in Column 2. Look closely at the two types of lettering, Roman and Italic. Proper shipping names are written in Roman type only. It is critical that the proper shipping name be spelled correctly on shipping papers.

What does Forbidden mean in column 3 of the HMT?

A material or substance is determined to be hazardous if it poses an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce. Materials designated as “Forbidden” in column 3 of the Hazardous Materials Table at §172.101. Forbidden explosives defined at §173.54.

What is in column 3 of the HMT?

Column 3 of the HMT contains a designation of the hazard class or division corresponding to each proper shipping name, or the word “Forbidden”. Forbidden means that the material may not be offered for transportation or transported.

What is the identification number for cotton from the HMT?

Substances with similar name

UN-Number Name Hazard Class
UN 1365 Cotton, wet 4.2
UN 1364 Cotton waste, oily 4.2

Is acetone listed in HMT?

By reviewing the HM Table in Section 172.101 we find that Acetone is listed by name in Column 2 of the Table. Its Proper Shipping Name is Acetone (identified in Column 2). Column 3 lists “3” as its primary Hazard Class. This means Acetone is a flammable liquid.

When is hazardous material subject to HMR column 2?

(A) Means the hazardous material described in Column 2 is subject to the HMR only when offered or intended for transport by air unless it is a hazardous substance or hazardous waste.

Where are the 4Digit identification numbers on the HMT?

Column 4 of the HMT lists the 4digit identification number assigned to each proper shipping name. These 4digit numbers provide quick identification of all hazardous materials. It is critical to emergency responders that the numbers are accurate and that they are correctly written and legibly displayed. (4) Identification Numbers

What are the columns on a hazardous materials table?

Column 1 tells which shipping mode (s) the entry affects and other information concerning the shipping description. The next five columns show each materialʼs shipping name, hazard class, ID number, packing group and required labels. Six different symbols may appear in Column 1: