What does Cafune mean in Portuguese?

run your fingers through someone’s hair
Well, in Portuguese there is a word that beautifully sums up that act – cafuné. It literally translates to ‘run your fingers through someone’s hair. ‘

What does Quero mean?

“Quero” means “love” and “want”

What does Cafune mean in Spanish?

“The act of caressing or tenderly running fingers through a loved one’s hair” is a mouthful mercifully avoided in Brazil with the term cafuné. This affectionate action can be applied to lovers and pets alike, as can the term chamego, which wraps up the senses of intimacy, infatuation, and cuddling, all in one term.

What does XODO mean in English?

xodó (paixão): love.

What does sadame mean?

It means ”destiny”. sadame is written like ”運命(さだめ)” ,and it’s also called as うんめい (unnmei). See a translation.

What language is Quero?

quero-quero – Translation from Portuguese into English | PONS.

What do you mean by saudade?

intense longing
Saudade is a word for a sad state of intense longing for someone or something that is absent. Saudade comes from Portuguese culture, and it is often expressed in its literature and music. Saudade is described as a kind of melancholy yearning.

What is folgado?

Folgado can be used to describe someone who is lazy, a slacker or a mooch.

What are stipulations?

In United States law, a stipulation is a formal legal acknowledgment and agreement made between opposing parties before a pending hearing or trial. For example, both parties might stipulate to certain facts and so not have to argue them in court. After the stipulation is entered into, it is presented to the judge.

What is the meaning of the word cafune?

Its meaning represents affection but its historical origin tells of the past of suffering, a by-product of slavery. It’s a word to literally describe a phys i cal expression of human affection and love that is unable to be simply translated with one word. The word cafuné is uniquely Brazilian.

Where did the Yoruba word cafune come from?

It was the African slaves in Brazil who used cafuné on each other and that’s how the origin of the Yoruba word got transmitted into current day Brazilian Portuguese. African slaves would caress each other’s hair, fazer cafuné, and this is how cafuné got incorporated into Brazilian Portuguese and Brazilian culture.

How is the word queso used in a sentence?

Queso definition is – a dipping sauce of melted cheese and chopped chili peppers : chili con queso. How to use queso in a sentence.

Which is the best definition of the word query?

: question entry 1 sense 1 My queries went unanswered. 1 : to put as a question “Can I come?” she queried. 2 : to ask questions about especially in order to clear up a doubt They queried his decision. 3 : to ask questions of I’ll query the professor.