What does a cargo bar do?

The purpose of a cargo load bar is to protect cargo from moving and shifting during transit. No matter what the size of the load, all cargo can shift and fall out of place if the driver makes a quick stop or a sharp turn. Cargo load bars provide bracing for cargo to reduce the amount of movement in the trailer.

Are load locks and load bars the same?

Load locks are a smart way to secure cargo for transport and maximize load safety by preventing shifting that might allow products not secured with cargo load bars to impact one another and cause damage. Cargo bars for trucks can stand alone or work with a track system.

What is a truck bar?

Cargo Bars (also called cargo load locks or load distribution bars) are steel or aluminum beams that are used to organize cargo or hold it in place. This Strong Steel Pickup Truck Bar is made with round steel tubbing and a jack mechanism for a strong, sturdy bar.

What is a load lock bar?

Load Lock Bars are a quick and easy way to secure cargo in the back of a pickup truck or semi. Each bar has a rubber foot pad that is either bolted or welded to the ends of the bar depending on your preference. This range allows us to accommodate for small pickups, large semi trucks, and everything in between.

What is the point of a truck Sport bar?

Some sport bars are purely for visual appeal or as light mounts. Sport bars with lightbulbs on them give better visibility at night, whether that’s on the highway, on rural country roads, or in the wilderness. These triangular-mounted sport bars used to be very common on pickup trucks a couple decades ago.

What is the point of a sport bar?

A sports bar is a place where customers can eat, drink and socialize while watching the latest televised sports events. Since sports bars are tailored to a specific clientele, they must have certain business objectives in place to ensure success.

What are load locks in trucking?

Load locks are used in the trucking industry to secure cargo while in transit; they are telescoping bars that have ratcheting mechanisms inside, and are typically constructed out of steel or aluminum.

What are cargo bars?

A cargo bar is a vehicle accessory which is used to keep cargo and goods in place so that they do not shift during transit.

What is a load lock on a trailer?

Load Lock Bars. Load Lock Bars use a handle mechanism that locks into place while extending the bar outward and using that force against something to keep it in place. This is most common in a trailer.

What is a cargo Jack?

cargo jack(Noun) , a large screw jack used to stow a cargo (such as hides or cotton) by compressing them into a smaller volume.