What do you wear to a polo match Palm Beach?

What to Wear. We encourage you to wear your “Sunday best” to polo matches at IPC. If you’re a lady, a sundress or crisp white pants and a printed top are typical. Wedges or sandals are great choices for footwear, since you may be walking across the grass field.

Where is polo played in Florida?

For 16 weeks out of the year, the world’s finest polo players and their ponies play the game in Wellington, Florida, known as horse country in Palm Beach County.

Is there a polo season?

Each January through April, the world’s premier polo players, and polo enthusiasts head to The Palm Beaches for top-level competition during Palm Beach International Polo Season. The 2021 season was a little different. No public spectators were able to attend matches, except during the ticketed Sunday brunch.

Who owns Palm Beach polo?

Last year, Mark Bellissimo, CEO of Wellington Equestrian Partners, purchased the International Polo Club Palm Beach, consisting of 248 acres on 120th Avenue South in Wellington, for a reported $72 million from the John Goodman family trust.

Can you wear jeans to a polo match?

What you will see at every polo match is a variety of mixed attire from blue jeans and flip flops to colorful sundresses, kakis and button down shirts. Keep in mind that polo clubs have a lot of grass and unpaved areas, which make high heels a bit impractical. It is a good idea to wear comfortable shoes.

What is polo Classic attire?

l’ve always loved the old fashioned vibe of this event. The Polo classic is known for being a really fun occasion to dress for! It’s all about Frilly dresses, elegant hats, bright patterns and bold statements.

What do you wear to a polo match?

Local Polo Matches; Wear a pair of statement sunglasses – whatever the weather! The gents – a pair of smart, well cut jeans (a white pair is usually quite popular) with a good quality shirt or well fitting polo shirt. A leather belt and a good pair of Brogues or a Suede Boot is quite popular.

What is a polo match?

polo, game played on horseback between two teams of four players each who use mallets with long, flexible handles to drive a wooden ball down a grass field and between two goal posts. It is the oldest of equestrian sports.

What is the game polo?

How old is Bellissimo?

Mark Bellissimo (58), a real estate developer who owns the show grounds in Wellington, Colorado, and Tryon and who is also the owner of the American equestrian magazine The Chronicle of the Horse, married British eventing rider Lucienne Elms (37) on 6 June 2020.

How many polo fields are there in Wellington?

nine polo fields
The club has nine polo fields, an Olympic-size pool, a spa and fitness center, and a tournament-approved croquet lawn and club. It also has two tennis courts and a tennis pavilion, a wine room, and the largest collection of polo books on earth.

What do ladies wear to polo matches?

Wear Simple Flowing And Elegant Sundresses and Skirts A sundress that’s simple, feminine and elegant is perfect for viewing a polo match on a sunny afternoon. Opt for a dress in neutral hues like cream, pearl, silver, black or white for a classic and timeless look.

Where is the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club?

A South Florida fixture for four decades, Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club is a landmark of luxury living and world-class sporting in the heart of America’s equestrian capital, Wellington, Florida.

When does polo season start in Palm Beach?

Each January through April, the world’s premier polo players and polo enthusiasts head to South Florida for top-level competition during Palm Beach International Polo Season.

What to wear to International Polo Club Palm Beach?

The International Polo Club Palm Beach is the ultimate polo social scene. Just remember facial coverings must be worn by all persons when entering, exiting, and moving throughout indoor and public common areas.

Can you go to a polo match in Florida?

This season is a little different. No public spectators may attend matches, except during the ticketed Sunday brunch. Watching thrilling polo, having fabulous cuisine, everyone making a fashion statement, and veranda seating in one of the fines venues in the Florida – this experience is a must-do.