What do you do as a train driver?

What you’ll do

  • check controls and equipment before a journey.
  • drive the train between stations or freight depots.
  • speak with control centres along the route about any issues.
  • follow track signalling, safety and speed instructions.
  • leave platforms and pull into stations safely.
  • make passenger announcements.

What is the age limit for a train driver?

Technically, there is no maximum train driver age limit for driving provided you continue to pass the medicals. If you are starting as a Conductor the minimum age on entry is 18 because it is a safety critical job and you will be handling cash.

Who is the youngest train driver?

Phil’s the youngest person to ever drive a Metro train when it opened in 1980. At the tender of age of 19 Phil Taylor was the youngest person to drive a Metro when the network first opened – a record he still holds today.

How do I become a qualified locomotive driver?

To become a Train Driver you must complete a traineeship and related vocational qualification.

  1. Complete a Certificate IV in Train Driving (TLI42615). You may be required to undertake and pass a Category One Medical.
  2. Gain supervised experience as a Train Driver during a traineeship.

Is train driving stressful?

Although he wouldn’t describe train driving as easy, he admits it’s a lot less stressful than his old job, where 12-hour shifts could become even longer depending on the situation he was called out to. Train driving is quite peaceful, as long as you don’t encounter any issues!

How many hours do train drivers work?

Working hours The industry standard working week is around 35 hours, which tends to be spread across four or five shifts, but these can be scheduled at any time, including evenings, late nights and weekends.

Is a train driver a good job?

Train driver is a popular job – 1,100 people apply for every single vacancy. There are many safety rules and precautions involved in train driving and the ability to remain focused and calm is imperative – this role holds a lot of responsibility, so isn’t a job for everyone.

Is train driving easy?

Is train driving a dead end job?

Established train drivers have a routine medical every five years, becoming annually after the age of sixty. One of the downsides to train driving is that there are poor prospects for forward promotion, making it a bit of a dead-end job.

Do train drivers stay overnight?

Freight and engineering drivers usually work more night shifts. Train drivers also work some weekends and bank holidays. Drivers on long distance routes may be required to stay overnight at the end of a journey before they start their next shift.

How many hours a week do train drivers work?

Working conditions Most companies operate on a 35-hour week. This could be spread over four or five shifts (known as turns) including weekends, evenings and nights. On freight or engineering trains, you would usually do more night shifts.

Can you drive a train in train driver 15?

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Why is training important for 15 passenger vans?

If nighttime driving is unavoidable it is important to train drivers how to drive safely at night. High beams should be used when possible. Speeds should be reduced. It is also important to make sure the driver is rested and not suffering from driver fatigue. Blind spots: The biggest blind spot for 15 passenger vans is directly behind the vehicle.

How to become the best train driver in town?

Unleash your train driving skills and become the best driver in town. The game features three different levels of difficulties for the user i.e. easy, intermediate and expert mode. The gamers will have to undertake both freight as well as passenger operations.