What Depeche Mode means?

hurried fashion
Q: Where did the band Depeche Mode get its name? Martin Gore, the group’s principle songwriter, has said that the band’s name was taken from a French fashion magazine. The name means “hurried fashion” or “fashion dispatch,” concepts that appealed to him and his band mates.

Did Depeche Mode do drugs?

Depeche Mode’s lead singer overdosed on heroin Six weeks later, he was clean, but before long, he found himself using again “in secret,” as Gahan puts it. He believes his continued use of drugs is what led to his wife leaving him. That time, he stayed drug-free.

When did Depeche Mode start?

Depeche Mode/Active from

Who died from Depeche Mode?

Dave Gahan
Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan: ‘My screaming soul floated above me when I died for two minutes’ Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan claims that his “screaming soul” looked down on his lifeless body after he famously died for two minutes following an overdose in 1996.

What is Peche?

Pêche is French for “fishing” or “peach”.

What does Depeche mean in English?

dispatch of
noun. the dispatch of a message. verb (transitive) to dispatch; rid oneself of.

Who is Dave Gahan’s wife?

Jennifer Sklias-Gahanm. 1999
Teresa Conroym. 1992–1996Joanne Foxm. 1985–1991
Dave Gahan/Wife

Personal life. Gahan has lived in New York City since 1997. He lives with his third wife, Jennifer Sklias Gahan; their daughter; and Jennifer’s son from a previous relationship, whom Gahan officially adopted in 2010. Gahan also has a biological son named Jack from his first marriage to Joanne Fox.

Does Peche mean fish?

What does Peche mean in Spanish slang?

(very informal) (Central America) adjective. skinny.

Is Depeche a real word?

Definition of depeche in the English dictionary The definition of depeche in the dictionary is a dispatch, whether of a message or a messenger.

Does Depeche Mode mean fast fashion?

Depeche Mode (the band) is named after a French magazine that’s name (depending on who you ask) roughly translates to “Fast Fashion” or “Fashion Dispatch” or “Fashion News”. Martin Gore when asked about the name Depeche Mode said, “It means hurried fashion or fashion dispatch.

What was the real story of Depeche Mode?

According to Alan Cross’ Depeche Mode: The Secret History, the band’s main songwriter had suffered from panic attacks before, but they increased with alarming frequency while on the road. And then, during a business meeting in Los Angeles, he suffered a grand mal seizure.

Why did Depeche Mode cancel their show in Cincinnati?

Depeche Mode then canceled a show in Cincinnati after Gahan opened a beer bottle and cut up his hand so badly he couldn’t hold a microphone. But the October 8, 1993 incident in New Orleans was easily the worst of all. According to Uncut, Gahan suffered a drug-related heart attack on stage.

Why did Michael Clarke leave Depeche Mode in 1981?

Clarke also said he was sick of touring, which Gahan said years later was “bullshit to be quite honest.”. Gahan went on to say he “suddenly lost interest in it and he started getting letters from fans asking what kind of socks he wore.”. In November 1981, Clarke publicly announced that he was leaving Depeche Mode.

Who are the band members of Depeche Mode?

This dark and wonderful collective is now one of the longest-lasting bands of all time, with its core trio of Gahan, Gore, and Andy Fletcher still making interesting and progressive music together after 40 years and 100 million albums sold.