What day does school go back sa 2021?

South Australia School Holidays 2021

School Holidays Starts Finishes
First Day of School 27 Jan 2021 (Wed)
Term 1 Holidays (Autumn) 10 Apr 2021 (Sat) 26 Apr 2021 (Mon)
Term 2 Holidays (Winter) 3 Jul 2021 (Sat) 18 Jul 2021 (Sun)
Term 3 Holidays (Spring) 25 Sep 2021 (Sat) 10 Oct 2021 (Sun)

What is the spring term 2021?

Monday 4 January to Wednesday 31 March 2021 Half-term: Monday 15 February to Friday 19 February 2021. Easter/spring holiday: Thursday 1 April to Friday 16 April 2021. ( Including Good Friday, 2 April, and Easter Monday, 5 April)

When did South Australia change to 4 school terms?

Shift from three-term to four-term school years In 1987 the Education Department introduced a four-term structure, acting on the advice of a Working Party for school reorganisation.

What are the school terms in South Africa?

The South African school year runs from January to December. There are four school holidays in South Africa: a two-week break in March/April, a three-week holiday in June/July, a one-week break in September/October, and a longer holiday of around five to six weeks in December/January.

What date is the school holidays in South Australia?

South Australia school term dates

Term Term dates 2021 Holidays
Term 1 27 January — 9 April 10 April – 26 April
Term 2 27 April — 2 July 3 July – 18 July
Term 3 19 July — 24 September 25 September – 10 October
Term 4 11 October — 10 December 11 December – 1 February 2022

What time does school start in South Australia?

School Opening Times in Adelaide / South Australia High school hours are generally Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. The primary school day is slightly shorter, beginning at about 8.45 am and ending at about 3.15 pm.

When did the 4 term year start in NSW?

Archive: NSW School Holidays and Terms 2020

Period Start Date End Date
Term 3 Monday 20 July Friday 25 September
Spring holiday Monday 28 September Friday 9 October
Term 4 Monday 12 October Friday 18 December
Summer holiday (east) Monday 21 December Tuesday 26 January (2021)

How long is a school day in South Africa?

School starts in the morning around 7h30 to 8h00 and ends usually between 14h00 and 15h00 in the afternoon.

How many weeks are in a school year?

Each school year is made up of 39 weeks, or 195 days. These weeks are split over three main terms, which are then split again into half-terms. These terms, and the holidays that break them up, vary depending on what Easter occurs, but typically pupils go no longer than seven weeks without a break from school.

What date is the October long weekend in South Australia?

South Australia’s public holidays

Holiday and date 2021
School Holidays – Term 3 25 September-10 October
Labour Day first Monday in October Monday 4 October
School Holidays – Term 4 11 December-30 January
Christmas Eve 24 December Part-day public holiday Friday 24 December 7pm-midnight

What are the term dates for SA state schools?

SA State Schools Term Dates. Department for education. Department school website support . Public School term dates. This information was last updated by the Department for Education in February 2019. Term 1: Term 2: Term 3: Term 4: 2019: 29 January – 12 April: 29 April – 5 July: 22 July – 27 September: 14 October – 13 December: 2020:

When do the SA school holidays start in 2022?

School Holidays. Saturday, 9 July 2022. Sunday, 24 July 2022. Term 3. Monday, 25 July 2022. Friday, 30 September 2022. 10 Weeks. School Holidays. Saturday, 1 October 2022.

When does the school calendar come out in South Africa?

Source: National Education Policy Act: 2021 school calendar for public schools [PDF] The Department of Basic Education published the school calendar for 2022 on 28 May 2021. Inland cluster: Free State, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West

When do public holidays start in South Australia?

SA Public School Holidays and Term Dates 2021 Event Dates Jan New Year’s Day Jan 1 Australia Day Jan 26 Term 1 starts Jan 27 Mar March Public Holiday Mar 8