What cat is Kwazii?


Kwazii Cat
Gender: Male
Color: Orange
Species: Cat
Grandparents: Calico Jack

Who plays Kwazii in Octonauts?

Main characters

Name Rank Voice cast
Kwazii Lieutenant and Cryptozoologist Rob Rackstraw
Peso Medic Paul Panting (UK) Wayne Grayson (US)
Inkling (Prof.) Oceanographer and Founder Keith Wickham
Shellington (Dr) Biologist Keith Wickham

Is there a cat in Octonauts?

Kwazii Cat is the deuteragonist of Octonauts. He is the lieutenant of the crew with a pirate past. He is also a cryptozoologist.

What is dashi dog?

Dashi is a Dachshund who controls all of the computers, communication devices, and steering for the Octopod. She is often portrayed as a meteorologist as well, as she often is the one monitoring the weather forecasts on the Octopod’s storm tracker.

Who is Kwazii’s best friend?

Kwazii Cat- He and Kwazii are the best of friends and the best teammates. However, they can both be a little competitive with each other like the time they had to race to get the door in The Crab and Urchin episode and they sometimes get into slight arguments. But they are still friendly towards each other.

How old is Peso Penguin?

Peso Penguin is the tritagonist of Octonauts. He is a medic….Character Information.

Gender: Male
Also known as: Peso
Occupation: Medic
Species: Penguin
Age: 10s-20s

Why does shellington wear a helmet?

Pearl is Shellington’s older sister and a marine biologist just like him. It’s also possible that Shellington wouldn’t be able to swim all the way up to the surface to breathe, so he wears a helmet when on missions.

Is shellington an otter?

Shellington is a nerdy sea otter scientist who loves doing field research and working in his lab. He’s easily distracted by rare plants and animals, but his knowledge of the ocean is a big help in Octonaut missions.

What accent does peso have?

Spanish accent
Peso shares his name with a form of currency used in many Spanish-speaking territories. The US version gives him a Spanish accent to match.

What is peso’s accent?

Who is the actor who plays Kwazii on Octonauts?

Favorite Gup: Gup-B. First appearance: The Whale Shark. Latest appearance: The Sunfish. Portrayer: Rob Rackstraw. Kwazii is a daredevil cat with a mysterious pirate past.

What kind of cat is Kwazii from octopod?

Kwazii is a daredevil cat with a mysterious pirate past. He loves storms, exploring, and general excitement. Kwazii is one of the best drivers on the Octopod as he often takes his favorite Gup, the Gup-B out for driving practice.

What kind of dialect does Kwazii speak in the Octonauts?

In both the original UK version and the US version of the show, Kwazii speaks with a Cockney accent and a typical sea ferrying dialect. He has also found out that his grandfather, Calico Jack, is still alive and looked for the hidden golden city with him in the episode ” The Octonauts and The Amazon Adventure “.

What’s the name of the cat in the Octonauts?

Kwazii is one of three Octonauts that’ve had their names (or its spelling) change, the others being Dashi (Sauci) and Professor Inkling (Commander ‘O’). In his debut on the February 2004 desktop wallpaper, his name was spelt as “Kwazi” instead.