What big events happened in the 1990s?


  • Los Angeles Riots.
  • Oklahoma City bombing.
  • Columbine Shooting.
  • Bosnian Genocide.
  • Monica Lewinsky Scandal.
  • Waco Siege.
  • The 1990s.
  • Ruby Ridge.

What were the four biggest news stories of the 90s?

There were, of course, some major news stories to cover during the 90s – the first Gulf War, the Dunblane massacre, the election of Tony Blair, the death of Princess Diana and the war in Kosovo.

What were the headlines in 1990?

9 things that happened in 1990

  • Nelson Mandela was released from prison.
  • Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister.
  • Nessun Dorma, Gazza crying and the World Cup.
  • Twin Peaks / Beverly Hills 90210 / The Fresh Prince of Bel Air were first on TV.
  • The Milli Vanilli lip-syncing scandal.
  • Pretty Woman.

What was the best moment or event of the 1990s?

11 Iconic Moments From the 90’s That Have Shaped Our Generation

  1. The World Wide Web launches and the Information Age arrives.
  2. The Rodney King verdict and L.A. Riots tear the nation apart.
  3. The WTC and Oklahoma City bombings cement “terrorism” in the national consciousness.
  4. Bill.
  5. Newt Gingrich redefines the American Right.

Who was the most famous person in the 90s?


No. Recipient Career
1 Michael Jordan Sportsperson (Basketball)
2 Oprah Winfrey Television personality
3 Leonardo DiCaprio Actor
4 Jerry Seinfeld Comedian

What was life like in the 1990s?

The 1990s was a decade of extremes and contradictions. Americans built bigger and more elaborate homes and drove more expensive automobiles, then worked longer hours to pay for them. Americans spent more, borrowed more, and went more deeply into debt.

Who was big in the 90s?

Top 100 Artists of the 90s

  • Nirvana.
  • Pearl Jam.
  • Radiohead.
  • 2Pac.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Beck.
  • The Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Beastie Boys.

What cool things happened in 1990?

Important events of 1990 include the Reunification of Germany and the unification of Yemen, the formal beginning of the Human Genome Project (finished in 2003), the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, the separation of Namibia from South Africa, and the Baltic states declaring independence from the Soviet Union …

Was life easier in the 90s?

The 90s had just about the right amount of technology. There were enough advancements with pagers, cell phones and the internet to make life more convenient and better connect you with people without taking over your whole life.

What was the biggest news story in 1990?

World Events 1 General Manuel Noriega surrenders in Panama (Jan. 2 Yugoslav Communists end 45-year monopoly of power (Jan. 3 Communist Party relinquish sole power in Soviet government (Feb. 4 South Africa frees Nelson Mandela, imprisoned 27½ years (Feb. 5 US-Soviet summit reaches accord on armaments (June 1).

What was happening in America in the 1990’s?

The 1990’s also saw terrorism rise to the forefront of American consciousness, as several events proved to be dire warnings of far worse to come.

What was the most important thing in the 1990s?

In the early 90’s a referendum among the minority white population decided in favor of a new multiracial constitution , Black Political leaders were released from jail and the political parties were made legal , the most important being the ANC led by Nelson Mandella . In 1994 after the first democratic elections the ANC was voted into power

Who was the best news anchor in the 1990s?

For his work, Jennings won several Emmy and Overseas Press Club Awards, and the prestigious Alfred I. DuPont Columbia University Award for journalism. In 1989, a Times Mirror poll found Jennings to bet he most believable source of news. Jennings was also named “best anchor” by the Washington Journalism Review in 1988,1990, and 1992.