What bank is BSB 01?

Many banks only have one BSB for all branches and accounts….List of Australian bank codes.

Number Code Bank Name
03 or 73 WBC Westpac
06 or 76 CBA Commonwealth Bank
08 or 78 NAB National Australia Bank

How do I check my BSB number?

You can find your BSB and account number on the front page of your account statement issued by your financial institution. You can also find your BSB and account number in your financial institution’s internet banking. The first six digits are your BSB number, and the remaining ones are your account number.

Is Swift code same as BSB?

In this sense, they’re very similar to SWIFT codes. However, BSB numbers are intended for local transactions, rather than international transfers. So, if you’re transferring money to an Australian account from outside the country, you don’t need to use a BSB code, as the SWIFT code contains the same information.

Does BSB number matter?

It is important to get the BSB and account number right, because banking systems only use the account number when processing the payment. The account name is not used to transfer the payment. If you are making a big payment, we recommend you transfer a small amount first and check that the payment has been received.

What is TransferWise BSB number?

We can only accept Faster Payments, Bacs or CHAPS payments to this account, we don’t accept SWIFT. AUD deposit payment To: TransferWise Ltd Account number: Individually assigned to each user BSB Code: 2122** Country: Australia We don’t accept SWIFT payments for this route.

How do I find my BOQ BSB?

BOQ has a universal BSB that can be used for any payments being made into your account which is 124-001.

What is the BSB number for a bank?

What is a BSB Number? A BSB is a 6 digit numeric code used for identifying the branch of an Australian or New Zealand bank or financial institution. BSB stands for “Bank State Branch”. What is PayID?

Which is the BSB code for financial institute?

Financial Institute Code. CRU. BSB Name. Defence Bank Limited. BSB Number. 803-205. BSB Address. PO Box 14537.

Which is BSB number does Suncorp Bank use?

A financial institution may also use one centralised BSB for all accounts. For example, Suncorp uses 484799 for all deposit accounts regardless of which branch or state the account was opened.

How is the BSB number used in APCs?

BSB Number is used in Australian Paper Clearing System (APCS) and Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) payment systems. To make money transfer, the BSB Number is used together with the bank account number of the recipient.