What areas are in Allerdale?


  • Keswick.
  • Maryport.
  • Plumbland.
  • Seaton.
  • Silloth.
  • Tallentire.
  • Thursby.
  • Who runs Allerdale council?

    Cllr Mike Johnson
    Council Leader: Cllr Mike Johnson.

    How much is council tax in Allerdale?

    Council Tax contributions broken down per band

    Council Tax band Allerdale Borough Council £ Cumbria County Council £
    Band B (£40,001- £52,000) 139.78 1165.15
    Band C (£52,001-£68,000) 159.75 1331.59
    Band D (68,001-£88,000) 179.72 1498.04
    Band E (£88,001-£120,000) 219.66 1830.93

    Which council district is Keswick in?

    Allerdale Borough Council
    Welcome to Allerdale Borough Council.

    What Ward is Keswick in?

    Allerdale is a non-metropolitan district of Cumbria, with borough status. Its council is based in Workington and the borough has a population of 96,422 at the 2011 Census….Wards.

    All Saints Marsh & Wampool
    Harrington & Salterbeck Wigton & Woodside

    What council is Carlisle?

    Cumbria County Council
    District and Borough Councils | Cumbria County Council.

    Who is the mayor of Workington?

    Councillor Herbert Briggs
    WORKINGTON Town Council appointed a new mayor on Wednesday evening. Councillor Herbert Briggs was sworn in as the Mayor for the upcoming year at a ceremony in the Moorclose Theatre.

    How much is Council Tax in Carlisle?

    The average (mean) Council Tax value in Carlisle is £1,310.50.

    Which council is Workington in?

    Workington, and Allerdale, are located in Cumbria, which has a county council, based primarily in Carlisle. The county has a population of around 500,000, and covers the whole coast from Arnside in the south to the edge of Gretna on the Scottish border.

    Which council is Wigton in?

    borough of Allerdale
    Wigton is a market town in Cumbria, England. Historically in Cumberland, it lies just outside the Lake District in the borough of Allerdale. Wigton is at the centre of the Solway Plain, between the Caldbeck Fells and the Solway coast.

    What Ward is Ambleside?

    Ambleside, Edmonton

    Quadrant NW/SW
    Ward 9
    Sector Southwest
    Area Windermere

    How big is allerdale?

    480 mi²
    Allerdale District/Area