What are the topics of cancer?

Learn about some of our most intensively pursued topics of investigation.

  • Cancer Genetics & Genomics.
  • Cancer Immunotherapy & Vaccines.
  • Cancer Metabolism.
  • Cell Signaling & Regulation.
  • Cell-Based Therapy.
  • Chemical Biology.
  • Computational Oncology.
  • Developmental Biology.

What is the main subject of oncology?

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

What are the 3 major areas in the field of oncology?

The field of oncology has 3 major areas based on treatments: medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology.

What are good questions about cancer?

10 Common Questions About Cancer, Answered

  • Who gets cancer? Anyone can get cancer, although the risk goes up with age.
  • How does cancer start?
  • Is cancer genetic?
  • Is cancer contagious?
  • Is there a vaccine for cancer?
  • Can cancer be cured?
  • What are the stages of cancer, and what do they mean?
  • Does cancer have symptoms?

Can cancer be avoided?

You can reduce your risk of getting cancer by making healthy choices like keeping a healthy weight, avoiding tobacco, limiting the amount of alcohol you drink, and protecting your skin.

What is oncology Disease?

Oncology, the study of cancer and tumors, has made significant progress in the prevention, treatment, and prognosis of many childhood cancers. Despite this progress, cancer is still a chief cause of death by disease in children.

How many types of oncology are there?

The field of oncology has three main divisions-medical, surgical and radiation. There are also several sub-specialities.

Is cancer curable yes or no?

There are no cures for any kinds of cancer, but there are treatments that may cure you. Many people are treated for cancer, live out the rest of their life, and die of other causes. Many others are treated for cancer and still die from it, although treatment may give them more time: even years or decades.