What are the main supermarket chains in France?

E. Leclerc holds the largest market share with 22 percent, followed by Carrefour with a 20 percent share. The grocery retail landscape in France has been dominated by the Leclerc Group and Carrefour group, who have been fighting neck to neck for the lead position.

Which is the largest supermarket chain in France?

Carrefour: The French retailer is one of the world’s biggest supermarket chains. It has over 5,000 outlets across France, from smaller central stores to large, out-of-town hypermarkets.

How many hypermarkets are in France?

In 2019, there were about 2,300 hypermarkets and almost 6,000 supermarkets in France.

What are French supermarkets called?

List of current French supermarket chains

Name Stores Type of store
Intermarché 1 835 Hypermarket/Supermarket
Netto 300+ Discounter
Auchan 144 Hypermarket
Auchan supermarché 725 Supermarket

Which French supermarket is most like Waitrose?

E. Leclerc is similar to Waitrose whereas I would compare Carrefour to a cross between Sainsburys and Tesco,” said Kristina Smith.

What to buy in French supermarkets?

What to Buy at a Monoprix Supermarket in France

  • French Soap. Soap has been crafted in France since the middle ages.
  • Pocket Wash cloths.
  • French Bath Gel.
  • Colorful Makeup Bags.
  • Striped French Kitchen Towels.
  • French Vegetable Sponges.
  • French Cheese.
  • French Yogurt in Glass Jars.

What are supermarkets called in France?

Chain stores: supermarkets (supermarchés) and superstores (hypermarchés)

Is Lidl related to Trader Joe’s?

Lidl has some big fans In 2018, Food & Wine Magazine called Lidl “like Trader Joe’s, but better.” The reasoning? Trader Joe’s products certainly have a cult-like following, but Lidl stores offer similar products, sometimes at even cheaper prices — plus there’s a much wider variety of produce and baked goods.

Which is the cheapest French supermarket?

Leclerc is the cheapest supermarket, says poll, but residents in Ile-de-France, Corsica, and Alpes Maritimes pay most. SHOPPERS in the west of France enjoy the country’s lowest supermarket prices, according to a survey. Leclerc emerged as the cheapest supermarket in the study, while Monoprix was the most expensive.

What is a French hypermarket?

The basic principle of hypermarkets in France is expressed by the phrase Tout Sous le meme toit, which means ‘everything under the same roof. ‘ The hypermarkets had food and non-food items and also had many shops within the same building.

Which is the largest hypermarket chain in France?

The other chains with the most hypermarkets in France are Géant (120 hypermarkets), Auchan (134) and Hyper U (61). In Corsica, hypermarkets are not as successful as in the rest of France; the only hypermarkets available in Corsica are Carrefour, Hyper U, E.Leclerc, Géant and Casino.

Is there a Champion supermarket chain in France?

One Champion supermarket in France Champion was a supermarket chain that operated in France and owned by the international retailer Carrefour. There were also Champion supermarkets in Belgium, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Argentina and Brazil.

How many Carrefour supermarkets are there in France?

In France, Carrefour operates under its name over 230 hypermarkets (from 2500 up to 23000 sq m sales area), 1020 Carrefour Market supermarkets (generally from 1000 up to 4000 sq m), and over 2000 smaller supermarkets and convenience stores under the Carrefour City, Carrefour Contact and Carrefour Express banners.

Which is the largest hypermarket chain in Portugal?

In Portugal, there are a considerable number of hypermarket chains in operation, including Continente (the biggest and the first Portuguese chain to go international), Auchan, Pingo Doce, Lidl and Intermarché. Most of these chains also operate supermarkets and smaller stores.