What are pie irons used for?

A pie iron (also called camp cooker) is a small, hinged, cast iron camp cooking tool with long handles. It’s used to grill and bake food right over the campfire. It’s a super easy way to make breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes while camping.

How do you use a camping pie iron?

The best meal procedure for the pie iron goes like this: grease the pans a little; add a starch, like mashed potatoes, dough, or bread; add fillings; then cover with the same starch. Clasp the irons shut, then lay flat over a bed of hot embers or coals to cook evenly.

Can you use a pie iron in the oven?

Not only can you easily cook up grilled cheese, breakfast sandwiches and pizza with a pie iron, but you can also bake mini pies, cinnamon rolls and all kinds of sweet treats that you previously thought were impossible to cook outdoors.

Can you use a pie iron on a gas grill?

The pie iron is very simple to use and dose not require a fire. We suggest a grill but even a gas stove top would work.

How do you clean aluminum pie irons?

Wash the pie iron with hot water and dish soap (this is one of the only times you’ll ever use dish soap on cast iron), then thoroughly dry it (do not leave it to air dry). Use a paper towel to rub the pie iron with oil or shortening (not butter or margarine). Be sure to cover every part of the pan, inside and out.

How do I keep my pie iron from sticking?


  1. Clean the pie iron with soap and warm water. Dry it completely.
  2. Coat the pie iron all over with vegetable oil or shortening. Do not use butter.
  3. Put the pie iron over an open flame for about 15 minutes. Take it out and wipe out the inside. Repeat the process of coating it with oil or shortening.

Do you have to season pie irons?

Seasoning a pie iron is not a difficult task, but it’s necessary if your pie iron is made out of cast iron. In fact, all cast iron cookware is seasoned the same way. Without proper seasoning, cast iron will rust or food will become stuck to it during use.

How do you care for a pie iron?

How to make a sandwich in a pie iron?

Put your toppings on that slice of bread and then top with the other slice, butter side up {again towards the iron} Make your sandwich as desired {lots of ideas below!} and place in pie iron. Trim excess bread from edges. Place in fire over coals, cook on one side, then turn and cook on the other.

What kind of bread can you use in a pie iron?

Just fill two slices of bread with cheese and ham and toast it over the fire until the bread is golden brown. Add any other fixings—like avocado or tomato—that you’d like, to mix it up. Get the recipe at 50 Campfires. You don’t always have to use bread in your pie iron.

How do you cook a pie in cast iron?

Then, once you’re ready to cook it over the fire, you close the two sides together and hold over the fire to cook. Since most are made of cast iron, it will get hot quickly and cook in a consistent manner.

What are the ingredients for a pie iron?

Ingredients 1 1 lb ground beef 2 cheese slices 3 8 slices bread 4 butter 5 toppings of your choice.. ketchup, mustard, veggies etc… More