What achievement on Xbox gives the most Gamerscore?

Xbox achievement hunter Jiexe pulls off the superhuman feat of amassing over 500,000 Gamerscore in the span of just one month. There’s a large community of video game fans who are dedicated to fully completing a game, no matter how difficult the challenge.

What is the secret achievement on Xbox?

Secret Xbox Achievements are the same as regular Achievements except that their text description remains hidden from users until unlocked by playing the related video game.

What is the hardest Xbox achievement?

5 Hardest Xbox 360 Achievements (& 5 Hardest On Xbox One)

  1. 1 Xbox One: Brick Breaker – Survival Level 5.
  2. 2 Xbox 360: Deathsmiles – True Tyrant.
  3. 3 Xbox One: Fishing Planet – Winning Streak.
  4. 4 Xbox 360: Asteroids & Deluxe – Platinum.
  5. 5 Xbox One: Trackmania Turbo – End Of The Road?
  6. 6 Xbox 360: CloudBerry Kingdom – Shenanigans!

What is the easiest game to get achievements on Xbox one?

There are several quick completions in the Xbox Game Pass library that will give you a cool 1,000G each.

  • Doom 64 – 1-2 hours.
  • The Gardens Between – 1-2 hours.
  • DayZ – 1-2 hours (using the new achievement server)
  • Donut County – 1-2 hours.
  • The Little Acre – 1-2 hours.
  • What Remains of Edith Finch – 2-3 hours.

Who has the highest Gamerscore on Xbox Live?

As of 26 April 2019, “smrnov” (aka Stephen Rowe, Canada) had taken “Stallion83″‘s crown as Xbox player with the highest Xbox Live Gamerscore. The American had amassed 2,162,420 points – over 100,000 more than the USA’s “Stallion83”, as verified by TrueAchievements.com.

What is the diamond next to Xbox achievements?

The new notification will include a special diamond icon alongside an operatic rendition of the original sound. It’s designed to signal achievements that are rarely collected by fellow Xbox players, and gamers will now be able to see just how rare achievements are within each game.

What are secret achievements?

Secret Achievements are achievements whose objectives are hidden until unlocked. That means, the player is not informed about the objective of one secret achievement in the game before its completion. Usually their objectives are considered easter eggs.

What are the secret achievements in GTA 5?

A Fair Day’s Pay – Unlocked after mission Caida Libre. A Friendship Resurrected – Unlocked after mission Fame or Shame. Blitzed – Unlocked after robbery in Blitz Play. Small Town, Big Job – Unlocked after bank robbery (The Paleto Score).

What is the hardest achievement in Halo MCC?

LASO is probably the most difficult thing I have ever done in the video game. Especially because without proper planning, you can straight up just lose a level and be forced to restart (if you don’t manage your ammo correctly).

Is it possible for an Xbox to be hacked?

A security flaw on Xbox.com has allegedly been discovered by one victim, who learned that indefinite password attempts allows a hacker to force his way into any Gamertag they like, just by learning the corresponding email address (which Microsoft itself makes easy) and assaulting the site with a password generator.

Where can I get the Xbox 360 Achievement Unlocked sound?

So back by popular demand…the sound that has been heard multiple millions of times around the world of as Xbox 360 Gamers run up their Gamerscore: The Achievement Unlocked sound. These audio files were created directly from the master file – so they don’t get any better than this.

Who is the man with 1 million Gamerscore?

On March 13, 2014, Raymond Cox — more famously known by his Xbox Gamertag ‘Stallion83’ — achieved the seemingly unachievable: 1,000,000 Gamerscore.

Where do I Save my Xbox One audio files?

These audio files were created directly from the master file – so they don’t get any better than this. Right click and choose ‘Save as’ (or something similar) to save this to your local computer.

How do you save a ring tone on Xbox One?

Right click and choose ‘Save as’ (or something similar) to save this to your local computer. Grab the flavor that suits you the best (I have posted two versions of the same file.) I know that you’ll use it for a ring tone, but what are some of the other creative ways do you plan to use this?