Is Wild Turkey a cheap whiskey?

Wild Turkey 101 is extremely affordable, always has been, and always will be. And despite the immense, international love for its bourbon, Wild Turkey hasn’t tried to manufacture hype by allocating the product; it’s always there on the shelf, and always reliable in taste.

Is Wild Turkey bourbon top shelf?

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Year Old Bottled in Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – A Truly Top Shelf Long Aged Bourbon | The Whiskey Jar.

What is the most expensive bottle of Wild Turkey?

Russell’s Reserve 1998
To this point, Wild Turkey has just released Russell’s Reserve 1998, a phenomenal whiskey aged for more than 15 years. With only 2,070 bottles released and retailing at $250 each, this is Wild Turkey’s rarest and most expensive product to date.

Is Wild Turkey 80 Proof?

One of the most popular bourbon’s available, oak aging gives Wild Turkey bourbons a smooth rich taste.

Is Wild Turkey 101 a top shelf?

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon is Wild Turkey’s flagship brand. Wild Turkey is distilled at a very low proof in order to help embody all of the barrel flavors during aging. It comes out of the barrel at around 109 proof necessitating only slight dilution before being bottled at 101 proof.

Can you drink Wild Turkey straight?

Purists like to drink it neat, which means that the bourbon is at room temperature, and without ice. Approximately one finger of Wild Turkey 101 proof boubon whiskey on the rocks. Before drinking, take some time to enjoy the beauty of the color of your bourbon, and inhale the aroma.

Is Wild Turkey high end?

Wild Turkey Bourbon Wild Turkey’s flagship whiskey is, and has been for some time, 101. The high-proof, high-potency bourbon is consistently recognized by reviewers, tasting competitions and best-selling lists. Its combo of price, proof and availability makes it one of the best values in whiskey.

What is a good high end bourbon?

The best Bourbon brands of 2021

  • Evan Williams – Best budget Bourbon.
  • Old Forester – Best value Bourbon.
  • Four Roses – Best Bourbon under $50.
  • Woodford Reserve – Best Kentucky Bourbon.
  • 1792 – Best tasting Bourbon.
  • Wild Turkey – Best sipping Bourbon.
  • Blanton’s – Best small batch Bourbon.

What is the difference between wild turkey 81 and 101?

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon is slightly darker in color than Wild Turkey 81. I would describe it as light bronze or deeper shade of straw gold with a tinge of auburn. Oak barrel aroma is evident, but much smoother than the 81. The Wild Turkey 101 just gives more bang for the buck with its higher proof and deeper flavor.

Is Wild Turkey good sipping whiskey?

The alcohol is gentle and pleasant. It’s not a bad way to end the drink. Again, Wild Turkey 101 tastes like a standard high-rye bourbon, even though its made from a low rye mash. I enjoy sipping it and wouldn’t mind having it at the bar.

Is Wild Turkey or Wild Turkey 101 better?

Oak barrel aroma is evident, but much smoother than the 81. Faint cherry notes play across the nose. Wild Turkey 101 is much smoother and silkier than the Wild Turkey 81. The Wild Turkey 101 just gives more bang for the buck with its higher proof and deeper flavor.

What is a good chaser for Wild Turkey?

How You Should Drink Wild Turkey Bourbon

  • Straight.
  • On the rocks.
  • With a bit of water.
  • With club soda.
  • With ginger ale.

How much proof does Wild Turkey bourbon have?

We age our whiskey longer in new American White Oak barrels with the deepest possible char, cutting no corners across all of our bourbons and giving each one distinctive and rich flavor.NEVER COMPROMISE. DRINK RESPONSIBLY. WILD TURKEY® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 81% alc./vol. (40.5 proof).

How big is a bottle of Wild Turkey whiskey?

A lower strength bourbon from Wild Turkey, bottled at 81 proof (40.5% abv) and created by the associate distiller Eddie Russell, the son of master distiller Jimmy Russell. This has a high rye content… More info Wild Turkey’s Rare Breed Bourbons are bottled at cask strength, and are often absolutely staggering stuff.

How old is wild turkey Kentucky straight bourbon?

Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey in its older style of bottle, and aged for at least 8 years. Excellent value bourbon, this is – well aged and packed with brown sugar and vanilla…

Who are the owners of wild turkey whisky?

Wild Turkey also enjoys a host of droll nicknames including ‘The Dirty Bird’, ‘The Kickin’ Chicken’ and the ridiculous ‘Thunder Chicken’. The current owners are the Campari Group who purchased the brand in 2009. This bottling of Wild Turkey has been aged for at least six years before coming out of the barrel at 109 proof.