Is the Thorpe Park open in the UK?

Home to over 30 rides, attractions & live events, Thorpe Park is the UK’s most thrilling theme park! We’re delighted to confirm that the Resort – including our self-contained accommodation – is now open.

What are the most thrilling rides at Thorpe Park?

Explore Thorpe Park. Colossus. Take on the world’s first 10 looping roller coaster! Rumba Rapids. Make a splash on this thrilling water ride. Nemesis Inferno. Thorpe Park’s only inverted roller coaster. Storm Surge. The sky high spinning water ride with a 64ft descent.

How tall is the drop on the Thorpe Park roller coaster?

A 100ft drop awaits as the roller coaster car plummets through free fall at 55 miles per hour. Face your fears on one of the top ten steepest roller coasters in the world! Thrill seekers and scary movie fans will endure 4.7 g-force, the highest g-force roller coaster ride at Thorpe Park Resort.

How tall is the drop on the saw at Thorpe Park?

After a terrifying indoor section, riders face the torturous tick, tick, tick up a completely vertical chain lift hill. A 100ft drop awaits as the roller coaster car plummets through free fall at 55 miles per hour.

How is customer service at Thorpe Park Resort?

At THORPE PARK Resort we are dedicated and passionate about providing you with world class service, whether it be prior, during, or after your visit. We understand the importance of all feedback or complaints and welcome all comments regarding your experience with us at THORPE PARK Resort.

How many roller coasters are there at Thorpe Park?

AN ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER. Home to over 30 thrilling rides, attractions & live events. THORPE PARK Resort is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers featuring some of the UK’s most popular roller coasters.

Where to stay for overnight break at Thorpe Park?

An overnight stay in the Thorpe Shark Cabins – a hotel like no other! With our Book with Confidence Guarantee you can book your break with peace of mind.