Is the MD-90 still in service?

It first flew on February 22, 1993 and the first MD-90 was delivered to Delta in February 1995….McDonnell Douglas MD-90.

First flight February 22, 1993
Introduction 1995 with Delta Air Lines
Retired June 2, 2020

Do md80s still fly?

Today, only a few are still in passenger service, and you would have to travel a long way to find one. One year on following the retirement of American Airlines’ McDonnell Douglas MD-80s, let’s take a trip down memory lane with this sleek, iconic T-tailed aircraft, affectionately known as the “Mad Dog.”

Does Delta still fly the MD-90?

Delta was the last U.S. passenger airline to operate the MD-88 and MD-90 on June 2, 2020: MD-90 flight—aptly numbered DL90—arrived in Atlanta from Houston at approximately 9 a.m.

Why does Delta still fly MD-88?

Delta decided to retire its MD-88/90 fleet early due to COVID-19. Of the grounded planes, many of them were nearing the end of their working life. Delta’s 149-seat MD-88 was scheduled to retire at the end of 2020, but this was brought forward to June because of the crisis.

Is Delta still using MD-88?

The MD-88 and MD-90 jets will disappear from U.S. fleets when Delta completes their final flights. Weak travel demand because of the coronavirus pandemic prompted Delta to retire the planes early.

Why did Delta retire the 777?

Looking ahead, retiring the 777 fleet will accelerate Delta’s strategy to simplify and modernize our fleet while continuing to operate newer, more cost-efficient aircraft. The airline will continue flying its long-haul next generation Airbus A350-900s, which burn 21% less fuel per seat than the 777s they replace.

Which is larger a Boeing 737 or a McDonnell Douglas MD-90?

The MD-90 competed with the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 Next Generation . Its 5 ft (1.4 m) longer fuselage seats 153 passengers in a mixed configuration over up to 2,455 nmi (4,547 km), making it the largest DC-9 version. It kept the MD-88’s electronic flight instrument system (EFIS).

What kind of plane is the Delta MD-90?

The aircraft was N924DN, an ex-China Eastern, 18 year old trouble-maker. This plane was so loud, and cramped. The lack of headroom and seat pitch made for a very hot and uncomfortable flight. Delta please retire the MD-90 and MD-88

Is the MD 80 the same as the MD 90?

The MD-80 family (mostly flown by Allegiant, American and Delta) and MD-90 planes (mostly flown by Delta) have similar features like the T-shaped tail with smaller, thinner engines on either side, and a “pinched” tailcone. (See the “pointy” cone on the DC-9 at the top to compare.)

What’s the seating capacity on a McDonnell Douglas MD 90?

The MD-90 has a seating capacity of up to 172 passengers and was introduced into service with Delta Air Lines in 1995, which is now the final operator of the MD-90. The MD-90 and the subsequent MD-95/Boeing 717 were derivatives of the MD-80, which itself was commercially introduced in 1980 as a derivative of the DC-9.