Is the city of Houston solid waste management department?

The City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) is excited to announce the creation of an updated Long-Range Solid Waste Management Plan covering waste and recycling programs for Houston until 2040. MORE »

Where to put yard waste in Houston TX?

Per City ordinance yard waste must be placed in a City Approved compostable bag for collection. The City currently has two approved bags: Biobag USA City of Houston Lawn & Leaf Bags; and Waste Zero City of Houston Approved 100% Compostable Lawn & Leaf Bags. Look for these two bags for sale at your local grocery or hardware store retailer.

Can you recycle cartons in Houston, TX?

Cartons are recyclable. The City of Houston accepts cartons for recycling. The Houston Apartment Association (HAA) and the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) launched on November 15, 2011 the Go Green Community initiative to increase recycling in apartment communities.

Where can I recycle concrete in Houston TX?

Trash brought in a commercial vehicle (business or rented commercial) also will not be accepted. City of Houston Neighborhood Depository and Recycling Centers accepting concrete for recycling. VIEW MAP

What to do with trash in Houston Texas?

From out-of-this-world attractions like Space Center Houston to the bustling Museum District, world-class dining, shopping, and sports, this cosmopolitan city has a lot to offer. Let’s help keep Houston clean and beautiful with safe, reliable trash pickup and recycling solutions for your home or business.

Which is the best recycling facility in Houston?

The City of Houston’s Solid Waste Management Department recycling processing partnership with Fomento de Construcciones y Contractas (FCC) has been named the “Best U.S. Recycling Facility of the Year… MORE »

Is there a neighborhood depository in Houston TX?

This facility accepts Junk Waste, Tree Waste and Recyclables at no additional charge to City of Houston residents. EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2021, all Neighborhood Depositories hours of operations have been updated.