Is petanque same as bocce?

The difference is right there: traditional bocce is more of a bowling game, whereas petanque is more of a tossing game, like horseshoes. Bocce players take steps before throwing, petanque players stand still. Bocce balls are usually rolled palm up, petanque balls tossed palm down, so they get backspin upon release.

What is the French version of bocce?

Boules, French Jeu De Boules, also called Pétanque, French ball game, similar to bowls and boccie. It is thought to have originated about 1910, but it is based on the very old French game of jeu Provençal. Boules is played between two players or teams.

What is bocce called in England?

As Italians call it, bocce is a ball sport dating back to the Roman Empire, belonging to the boules family. Bocce, translated to English, is “bowls.” These heavy ball games are common fair-weather pastimes across Europe—including England’s bowls and France’s pétanque versions.

What is a petanque in France?

Pétanque is a French (Provençal to be precise) outdoor game played by two opposing teams trying to throw boules (metallic spheres the size of an orange) as close as possible to a but (little wooden sphere the size of a plastic bottle cork, also called a cochonnet, meaning piglet).

Can you use bocce balls to play petanque?

Bocce ball courts need to be smooth and flat so the balls can easily roll on the surface. Therefore, bocce ball can be played on a petanque court but not the other way around because throwing the boule can damage the bocce ball court.

Can you hit the jack in petanque?

Answer: NO. After a team has thrown its first boule, it no longer has the right to challenge the jack. Team A has thrown its first boule. Its window of opportunity for challenging the jack has closed.

What happens if you hit the jack in boules?

Boules that hit or bounce on the side of the pistes are still in play. If the boules rest on the side of the pistes, they are taken out. If a boule hits or rests against the back sleepers, the boule is out. If the jack ball is knocked out of play, the end must be played again.

What are the best petanque balls?

Hard boules (140 upwards) are the boules of choice for pointers. On rough terrains the hardness will prevent wear. Hard boules are very durable and will last for many years of regular play. The other option is to go down the middle and play with semi soft boules (120 to 135).

Can you hit the jack in pétanque?

Where is pétanque most popular?

Pétanque may be culturally associated with France but the International Federation of Pétanque and Provençal Game estimates that the sport – which has around 10-12 million players worldwide in 160 countries – is in fact most popular in Asia.

What happens if you hit the jack in petanque?

What happens if you hit the cochonnet in petanque?

If the cochonnet is hit and leaves the playing area (where there is one) or moves beyond 20 metres from the circle, the cochonnet is dead. If one team has boules still to be thrown they get a point for each of these boules. If both teams have boules, then the end is void.

What is the difference between petanque, boules, and bocce?

Boule is French for ball, so it is logical to presume that playing boules means playing all kinds of ball sports. In this case, however, this means only the sports where the ball is thrown or bowled. That includes Petanque and bocce. To put it simply, Petanque and bocce are both games that belong in the boules category.

What are the rules for throwing a boule in Petanque?

Some strategic considerations involved in the throw of a boule include: Traditionally, a fundamental rule of petanque is boule devant, boule d’argent (“A ball in front is a money ball.”). As a pointer, if you point a boule very close to the jack, you force the opposing shooter to shoot it immediately.

Where are the Boules de petanque Obut made?

La Pétanque… c’est comme un soleil qui se pointe ! – [which means more or less ”Pétanque is like a ray of sunshine”]. 100% of the boules marketed by OBUT are designed and then manufactured in our factory in St-Bonnet-le-Château, France since 1955. Quality is THE watchword at Obut and the concern of everyone.

What kind of surface can petanque be played on?

Pétanque can be played on almost any flat, open space. The ground may be irregular and interrupted by trees or rocks, and the surface is likely to be uneven, with some areas hard and smooth and other areas rough and stony.