Is Perrie Edwards hair naturally curly?

Their hair also looked relaxed and un-styled, but we were particularly surprised by Perrie’s. Usually straight and glossy, it had a gorgeous, natural-looking curl to it. We always knew her hair texture was pretty wavy (case in point: this year’s holiday selfie), but ringlets?

Does Perrie Edwards dye her hair?

Proving she loves to experiment with bright hair dyes, Perrie dyed her hair a shocking shade of purple in 2013 and has been dabbling in rainbow hair colours ever since.

Is Perrie Edwards natural blonde?

Perrie Edwards’ natural hair Perrie has had long blonde hair for some time now, making effortless waves her go-to when she’s off-duty. After sporting a bleach blonde bob last summer, the 26-year-old switched it up for a more golden shade earlier this year.

How old is Perrie Edwards?

28 years (July 10, 1993)
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Does Jade Thirlwall have curly hair?

In the first slide, there’s a gorgeous close-up video of Jade hanging out with a pooch in the golden-hour sun, and she’s wearing minimal-to-no makeup (looking beaut in the process). She also seems to be sporting her natural incredible curls, and all in all looks like a total sun goddess.

What nationality is Jade Thirlwall?

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What is Perrie Edwards favorite food?

. Perrie likes tacos and she likes to go to Taco Bell.

Who has Perrie Edwards dated?

Who has Perrie Edwards dated?

  • 2012: Zayn Malik. Perrie and Zayn were the pop super-couple when they started dating in 2012!
  • 2012: Zayn Malik.
  • 2015: Leon King.
  • 2016: Luke Pasqualino.
  • 2017-Present: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.
  • 2018: Holiday to Mykonos.
  • 2019: BRITs red carpet.
  • 2019: Perrie supports Alex at the Champions League final.

Is Jade from Little Mix pregnant?

As the only member of Little Mix who is not currently pregnant, Jade Thirlwall is well used to baby talk over the last few months. However, the singer hinted she’s becoming particularly fed-up with one particular train of thought – when she is going to have a baby.

Does Jade Thirlwall wear a wig?

Jade took to her Instagram Story to show off her look even more, with another video of her parading the look, before she shared a clip of her removing the wig. But she was not the only one to change up her look, as fellow band member Jesy Nelson also sported a new do.

What religion is Jade from Little Mix?

‘My granddad really wanted me to be Muslim’ My granddad really wanted me to be Muslim, bless him! My mam made me go to church on Sunday, but I went to Muslim school on Saturdays – it was next to the local mosque where my grandfather went. “I enjoyed it, but I’m not religious.