Is it 12 items or less or fewer?

“12 items or fewer” is correct/standard and “12 items or less” is incorrect/non-standard though common. It sounds common to me too. Less should only be used for non-countable nouns, so “less water”, “less time” but “fewer apples” and “fewer people”. “a glass of water or less” would be correct.

Is it 10 items or less or fewer?

“10 items or less” is not correct! If you walk into any grocery store in the United States, and you will see a sign that says “10 items or less” for the fast checkout lanes. This is wrong – it should be “10 items or fewer” because “items” is a countable noun.

How do you use the word less?

The Less or Fewer Rule of Thumb

  1. Less means a smaller amount or “not as much” and is used when describing singular or uncountable nouns.
  2. Fewer is defined as not as much and is used when describing plural or countable nouns.

When should you use fewer or less?

Generally, fewer is used when the number of things is counted (“fewer problems”) whereas less is used when the number is measured (“less trouble” or “less time”).

How do you know whether to use more or most in a comparison?

In a general sense, more is used when referring to a greater or additional amount or degree. Most, on the other hand, is used when referring to greatest in amount or degree. The key difference between more and most is that while more is considered as a comparative form, most is considered the superlative form.

Is it less hours or fewer hours?

“Fewer hours”. “Hours” is countable, so you must use “fewer”. “Less” is used only for the uncountable.

Can you say less instead of fewer?

Do you say one less or one fewer?

If the countable noun is plural, choose fewer; if it’s singular, choose less. (When CMOS says to reserve fewer for countable things, it’s talking about plural countable things. One is always singular: there is one less food group in the new pyramid; there is one less number in this column.

Does less mean fewer?

‘Fewer’ and ‘Less’ It goes like this: fewer is used to refer to number among things that are counted, as in “fewer choices” and “fewer problems”; less is used to refer to quantity or amount among things that are measured, as in “less time” and “less effort.”

Which is better more or most?

What is the superlative of good?

Irregular comparatives and superlatives

Adjective Comparative Superlative
good better best
bad worse worst
little less least
much more most