Is Good Smile Company Japanese?

Good Smile Company, Inc. (株式会社グッドスマイルカンパニー, Kabushiki-gaisha Guddo-sumairu-kanpanī, also known as GSC or Good Smile and styled as GOOD SMILE C?MPANY) is a Japanese manufacturer of hobby products such as the Nendoroid and figma product lines, as well as scale figures.

What company owns nendoroid?

Good Smile Company
The Nendoroid (ねんどろいど, Nendoroido) series is a brand of plastic figures created by the Japanese Good Smile Company in 2006. They typically depict characters from anime, manga or video games and are designed with a large head and smaller body to give them a cute appearance.

Where is Goodsmile based?

Los Angeles
The affordable, highly collectible POP UP PARADE figure series begins. GOOD SMILE CONNECT, Inc. is established in Los Angeles, California. The Nendoroid #1000 Celebration Project begins. The first Complete Nendoroid Series Exhibition is held at Wonder Festival 2019 Shanghai.

How do I contact Goodsmile?

If you wish to contact Customer Service, please email us directly at [email protected] and leave your phone number in the email. We will contact you within normal business hours, which are Monday-Friday 8:30 am- 4:30 pm (PST). We are closed Saturday and Sunday. Our customer service phone number is (213) 460-1167.

Where are good smiles manufactured?

All Nendoroids are prototyped in Japan Though the majority of Nendoroids are mass-produced in Chinese factories, each of the line’s thousands of figure designs begins its life in Tottori at the Good Smile research factory. There, sculptors meticulously review and redesign every detail of each tiny prototype.

Is Orange Rouge good smile?

Good Smile Company and Max Factory have been taking close notice of the demand and constant rise in popularity for male character products. The name ‘ORANGE ROUGE’ comes from the French words for ‘Orange’ and ‘Red’, combining the corporate colors of the Good Smile Company and Max Factory logos.

What is the rarest Nendoroid?

The rarest Nendoroid of them all is undoubtedly the legendary GSC version of Hatsune Miku, who’s decked out in the company’s signature orange color scheme. While there are countless Miku Nendoroids and figurines in the market, what makes this one special is that, reportedly, there’s only one in existence.

Are Nendroids made in China?

All nendoroids are made in China even though they are a Japanese products. Most nendoroid stands will say made in China with company copyright. If it just says made in china it’s most likely a bootleg. Check out goodsmilecompany’s website bootleg listing to help verify your items authenticity.

Is good smile legit?

Just an fyi though, the Good Smile company is a pretty legit company, I have purchased other nendroids from them before =)

Does Goodsmile charge for preorders?

Pre-Order products will be charged as soon as they are in stock. This can be up to three weeks prior to product release date. Until then, your order will remain in reserved status.

What is the rarest nendoroid?

What is the best selling nendoroid?

#1 Nendoroid Armored Huke MK2 This one-of-a-kind Nendoroid was specially produced for a charity auction, selling for a whopping 118,000 yen – making it the most expensive Nendoroid that Good Smile Company has ever sold.