Is Gardens Alive still in business?

Gardens Alive!, Inc. is a privately owned multi-title catalog company founded in 1984. It sells garden and lawn supplies, specializing in organic products under its namesake catalog….Gardens Alive!

Type Private
Revenue $170 million (2010)
Number of employees 400 (year round) 1000 (seasonal peak)

Who owns Gardens Alive?

Niles Kinerk
Dedicated to providing gardeners with effective, environmentally responsible gardening solutions, Gardens Alive! began as a home-spun business in the kitchen and garage of founder and chairman, Niles Kinerk. Having grown up on a farm in 1950s rural Indiana, Niles Kinerk has loved gardening since his childhood.

What companies does Gardens Alive own?

Family of Brands

  • Gardens Alive! We are the original partner for an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Breck’s. No American garden is complete without Dutch bulbs, and no American company imports more than Breck’s.
  • Weeks.
  • Michigan Bulb Co.
  • Bits and Pieces & Spilsbury.
  • Gurney’s.
  • Iseli Nursery.
  • K.

What should I put in my vegetable garden?

It’s all about the soil The best soil suitable for vegetables includes lots of compost and organic matter such as composted leaves and ground or shredded, aged bark. Whatever you’re starting with, incorporate enough organic material so that the amended soil is neither sandy nor compacted.

Who owns brecks?

Gardens Alive
In 2001, Breck’s was acquired by Gardens Alive!

Are brecks and Spring Hill the same company?

Our Family of Brands include: Brecks® Spring Hill Nursery ® Gardens Alive!

What’s the easiest vegetable to grow?

Top 10 easy to grow vegetables, fruit & salad seeds and plants for beginners

  1. Salad Leaves. Crunchy fresh leaves with a fantastic range of textures and flavours.
  2. Radishes. Spice up your salads with crunchy, peppery radishes.
  3. Potatoes.
  4. Peas.
  5. Spring onions.
  6. Broad Beans.
  7. Runner Beans.
  8. Onions and Garlic.

Is potting soil good for vegetables?

Opt for Potting Mixes The best soil mix for your container-grown vegetables is one that is well-drained, well-aerated and has a pH that is close to neutral. Because potting mixes have been heated during processing, they are free of weed seeds, pests and disease.

Do brecks bulbs come from Holland?

An American company with a strong Dutch presence, Breck’s is proud to be the largest U.S. importer of Dutch flower bulbs. Thousands of gardeners trust Breck’s each season to deliver the biggest, best bulbs from the fertile fields of Holland right to their doors.

Is brecks a Canadian company?

Breck’s is a mail order gardening company and importer of Dutch flower bulbs….Breck’s.

Type Privately Held
Founded 1818 Boston, Massachusetts US
Headquarters Guilford, Indiana, US, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
Products Dutch bulbs, perennials, tulips, irises, lilies

Is Spring Hill Nursery reputable?

Spring Hill Nurseries has a consumer rating of 1 star from 5 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Spring Hill Nurseries ranks 93rd among Gardening Supplies sites.

What is the hardest vegetable to grow?

Hardest Vegetables to Grow

  • Cauliflower. cauliflower image by AGITA LEIMANE from
  • Head Lettuce. lettuce image by robert lerich from
  • Celery. celery image by Hilma Anderson from
  • Artichokes. Artichokes image by Laura Benson from
  • Asparagus. asparagus image by cherie from