Is ChemDraw part of ChemOffice?

ChemDraw, along with Chem3D and ChemFinder, is part of the ChemOffice suite of programs and is available for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows.

How much is ChemDraw professional?

Chemdraw & ChemOffice – most popular chemistry software used in Israel

PerkinElmer (formerly from CambridgeSoft) Products
Product Price
ChemDraw 20 Pro 3450 $ Order ! Call for 1 Year Subscription license
ChemOffice 20 5550 $ Order! Call for 1 Year Subscription license

What ChemDraw professional?

ChemDraw Professional is a drawing tool that allows users to draw chemical structures and reactions as well as biological objects and pathways. Users can also use it to predict properties and spectra, convert chemical structures to IUPAC names, view 3D structures, etc. (More information.)

What is ChemDraw used for?

ChemDraw is used by hundreds of thousands of scientists around the world to quickly and effectively to draw molecules and reactions for use in documents and electronic lab notebooks, to search databases, and to generate accurate names from structures and to predict properties and spectra.

Is ChemDraw free for students?

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Software Center now includes ChemBioDraw Ultra 12 as a free download to all students, faculty and staff for Windows and Macintosh machines.

How much is ChemDraw?

Cambridgesoft offers a download version of ChemDraw Ltd 9.0 for $380, commercial; $70, academic.

Does ChemDraw cost money?

There’s a free online version of ChemDraw, which is kinda cool. ChemDraw is a good choice for chemical structure and their predicted characterization. Avogadro and ChemSketch (ACD Labs).

How much does ChemDraw cost?

ChemDraw Ultra 10.0 CambridgeSoft, 100 CambridgePark Drive, Cambridge, MA 02140. Commercial Price: $1910 for download, $2150 for CD-ROM; Academic Price: $710 for download, $800 for CD-ROM.

How do you get a ChemDraw?

On this page: New user: activation & download. Versions 17 and above (Windows & Mac)…Reactivation

  1. To reactivate, launch the ChemDraw/ChemOffice application. Find Activate ChemDraw/ChemOffice Professional and click on it.
  2. Enter the Activation Code available through the IS ChemDraw page.
  3. Then click Activate.