Is a Rock Island 1911 45 A good gun?

In short, the RIA GI 1911 is an adequate performer on the range, though you should not expect competition grade accuracy out of it either.

How Much Is a Rock Island Armory 1911 45 ACP?

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PRICE $449.99
Finish Black Parkerized
Sights Fixed
Weight 43.6oz
Cartridge 45 Auto (ACP)

Can you customize a Rock Island 1911?

The second part of having fun with a handgun is customisation of your Rock Island 1911 with the help of gun parts. The Rock Island 1911, as well as other handgun types, can be upgraded with accessories as well as have gun parts replaced.

What kind of pistol is the Rock Island Armory 1911?

Those familiar with 1911 history will be familiar with these terms – all others need to do some homework. The Rock Island Armory (Armscor) 1911 FS Tactical is a full size, full weight, piece of hand-held fighting pistol and is chambered in.45ACP as John Moses Browning intended a 1911 to be.

Is the Rock Island tactical 45 a good gun?

While the GI .45 is a great pistol some like to have more features. These features include high visibility sights, extended controls and perhaps an ambidextrous safety . A pistol with a few improvements could be considered a consensus gun. The consensus was the general agreement of what was desired on a combat .45.

What kind of pistol is a 45 ACP?

That ol’ .45 ACP M1911, it’s a beauty of a pistol. It was created over a century ago, and it has undergone a few tweaks over the years. Even so, the basic design of how the pistol works has not changed.

Is there a 1911 45 in the Philippines?

Several Japanese invaders recalled their last sight was a Filipino guerilla with a 1911 .45 automatic pistol. Thus, a fitting place to build a 1911 clone is the Philippines.