How to Extend View Object?

To Extend a View Object

  1. Right-click the package that will hold the customized view object and select Create View Object.
  2. In the Name panel, enter the name of the new View (NewEmpViewEx) in the Name field.
  3. Click the Browse button next to the Extends View field to open the Parent dialog.

How to Extend View Object in OAF R12?

To do this, the following steps must be performed:

  1. Import the delivered View Object into JDeveloper.
  2. Importing dependent classes into JDeveloper.
  3. Extending the View Object.
  4. Deploying the Extended VO and associated Java files to the application server.
  5. Add extended VO columns to the page using personalizations.

How to Extend VO Object in OAF?

Step1:- Navigate to the page where you want to extend the view object. Analyze the page and note down in which region you want to extend. Click on about this page and note down the VO associated with that region. And also note down the path of the VO.

How do I use Vo extension in oaf?

EO based VO Extension in OAF

  1. Analyze the Page.
  2. Create a New View Object (VO)
  3. Substitute your New VO with parent VO.
  4. After substitution import *.jpx.
  5. Personalize the page to create new item.
  6. Congratulation you have successfully finished.

How do I replace Vo in oaf?

Right click on your project node and select “Project Properties”, click “Substitutions” under the “Business Components” menu. In the “Available” pane select the original VO , and in the right hand “Substitute” pane select the new VO. Once you have done this click the “Add” button and select “OK”.

How do I change Vo query in oaf?

Dyanmically Change VO query in OAF

  1. SELECT ‘term_id’ NEW_ID, ‘name’ NEW_NAME. FROM DUAL. WHERE 1 = 2.
  2. Select term_id New_id, Name NEW_NAME from ra_terms.
  3. Select customer_trx_id NEW_ID, customer_Trx_name NEW_NAME from ra_customer_trx_all.

What do you need to do to allow a different user to see your output file?

How to Allow a different Users to See your Output file which are having Same Responsibility

  1. As the SYSADMIN user with “Functional Developer”, update object “Concurrent Requests”
  3. Click on Concurrent Requests.
  4. Click on Create Instance Set button.

How do I extend my oaf page?

Step 1: First to display the user name we need to create one item, so therefore create one item for that Select Personalize “User Information” in OAF page. Step 2: Finding the Controller to extend. Before extending CO we need to find out which Controller we need to extend.

How do I get Vo query on oaf page?

To find the form’s last executed query

  1. Go to the menu Help >> Diagnostics >> Examine, Provide the examine password.
  2. Enter Block: SYSTEM.
  3. Enter Item: LAST_QUERY.
  4. The value field contains the last query executed by the form.

How do I make Vo dynamic in oaf?

Controller code: –

  1. try.
  2. {
  3. OAApplicationModule oam = pageContext. getApplicationModule(webBean);
  4. OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject)oam. findViewObject(“XXSUPVO”);
  5. vo.
  6. vo.
  7. // setQuery only sets the new query to the View Object, in order to effect the changes of the query we need to execute the equery using below statement.
  8. }

How do I change the concurrent program output file name in Oracle Apps?

Navigation: Oracle Asia / Pacific Localizations Responsibility -> View -> Requests -> Submit a new request -> Select Single Request -> Click ‘OK’ -> Select Name of concurrent program / report.

How do you personalize in oaf?

1) Personalize Self-Service Defn : In order to do Personalization this profile has to set to “Yes” at appropriate level. After setting this a “Personalize Page” link will appear in the global menu (top and bottom of page). User can click on this page and do Personalization.

How to extend the view object in OAF?

8.After Import/Register , We add the new field in the OAF page through Personalization and then give reference in this Field for the New Custom View Object (VO). Step1:- First Go to your OAF page in the application , in which you will do View Object Extension.

When to use VO extension in OAF page?

When we have an requirement to display some more attributes or fields in the OAF page then we do VO extension to meet this requirement. We all know that , We see the data in the OAF page through View Objects (VO) and in a single page can have more then 1 View Objects (VO).

How do I view DFF attribute5 in OAF?

Step1:- First Go to your OAF page in the application , in which you will do View Object Extension. This is the Page in which we will do View Extension. Here I want to display the DFF attribute5 in this Track Submitted Expense Reports Status Window.

How to extend a view object in SQL?

To select a view object, click the view object name and click OK. Just as view objects use SQL queries to work with filtered subsets of attributes and business logic in entity objects, extended view objects work with the attributes and business logic in extended entity objects.