How tall is Austin Aries?

5′ 9″
Austin Aries/Height

How old is Austin Aries?

43 years (April 15, 1978)
Austin Aries/Age

Did Austin Aries retire?

Austin Aries has had a drama-filled last few years in professional wrestling as he’s departed multiple promotions surrounded in controversy. He left WWE in 2017 and was described as being incredibly unpopular backstage. He then returned to the place he experienced his most success – Impact Wrestling.

Where is the wrestler Austin Aries?

After his last run with WWE he returned to Impact Wrestling where he once again had another run as the Impact World Champion; back two years ago in 2018. After that he would proceed to leave Impact Wrestling again but since that time he’s been showing up on the independent scene and is currently now a free agent.

What is Austin Aries real name?

Daniel Healy Solwold Jr.
Austin Aries/Full name

Which WWE Superstar is an Aries?

Randy Orton: Orton was suppressed wrestling by his father and is considered one of the most naturally gifted athletes the WWE has ever had. But is there more to this than meets the eye? Randy was born on April 1, which makes him Aries.

Why did Austin Aries leave WWE?

He also says that in the end, WWE decided to move on from him, and he did not show any refusal. “I don’t think walking in there I felt like this was going to be a fit for the next 10 years of my career. Ultimately it was their decision to move on and I can only go by what I’m told“, Aries concluded.

What rapper is an Aries?

Pharrell Williams, who was born April 5, 1973 is one famous Aries rapper. Big Sean and Quavo are also Aries. Other famous Aries artists include MC Hammer, who was born on March 30, 1962 and Chance the Rapper, who was born April 16, 1993. Q-Tip, Redman, and Da Brat are also famous Aries musicians.

Is beer money still wrestling?

Reunion (2016) After Storm told Roode he wanted to “get back to having fun”. Storm handed Roode a beer officially reuniting Beer Money, Inc. On March 19, 2016 Impact Wrestling tapings, Decay defeated Beer Money to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship. After this, Bobby Roode left TNA, disbanding the team.

Why did storm leave WWE?

“I actually wanted to leave before my last year was up because I felt like they really weren’t doing anything with me,” Storm said. “I was just kind of being put on the shelf. I think I still had so much to give, even if it was just helping out the younger talent into getting better.”

Are Aries good at rapping?

Passionate, confident, and driven, Aries have several personality traits that make them great rappers.