How should I dress for a 1950s sock hop?

If you’re wondering how you should dress for a sock hop, girls usually wear poodle skirts and blouses with chiffon neck scarves, bobby socks, saddle shoes and cat eye glasses, but Grease costumes and 50s prom outfits can be worn as well!

What years were sock hops popular?

Sock hops were held as early as 1944 by the American Junior Red Cross to raise funds during World War II. They then became a fad among American teenagers in 1948. Sock hops were commonly held at high schools and other educational institutions, often in the school gymnasium or cafeteria.

What were some popular styles of clothing in the 1950’s?

1950s Fashion Trends

  • Tea length swing dresses with petticoats for fullness.
  • Slim sheath dresses and tailored suits.
  • Pencil or circle skirts, poodle skirts for teens.
  • Capri pants, high waisted jeans.
  • Peter pan collar blouses.
  • Twin set cardigan sweaters.
  • Swing coats in winter.
  • Kitten heels, saddle shoes, stiletto heels.

Do you wear shoes at a sock hop?

Wearing shoes to a sock hop was necessary, but dancing in them was optional. Black and white saddle shoes are the most iconic and certainly very popular among teens.

What is a 1950s sock hop?

Sock hops were held as early as the 1940s to raise money for war relief efforts, but the dances grew in popularity and became known as a type of informal school dance throughout the 1950s. It’s called “sock hop” because the kids were encouraged to remove their shoes so they wouldn’t scratch the school gymnasium floor.

Why is it called a poodle skirt?

The original designer of the poodle skirt was Juli Lynne Charlot who, in 1947, wanted to create a holiday skirt for herself but had little in the way of sewing skills. The first designs were Christmas themed and the skirts that followed were dog themed, giving rise to the name “poodle skirt.”

What should I wear to 50’s theme party?

The dress code is key to a 50s themed party. Women should think of Sandy from “Grease” and wear a flared skirt cinched in at the waist. Pair with a white blouse, cardigan on top and, to finish the look, a light-coloured scarf tied around the neck and some ballet shoes or medium heels .

What is sock hop style?

A sock hop is a 1950s-style party where revelers dance to juke box tunes and eat nostalgic treats.

What is sock hop dance?

A sock hop is a dance, often held for teens, that first became popular in the 1950s, when the term was coined. Since dances were often held in school gymnasiums, dancers would often kick of their shoes and dance in their socks or stockings to avoid marking up gym floors and to get better slide in dances like the Twist, the Mashed Potato, and others.