How much space is needed for a home bowling alley?

Players need space to gain momentum while approaching the lane, and 16 feet is the optimum length for that. We therefore recommend rooms over 86 feet long and 10 feet high (floor-to-ceiling distance) for regulation-size, home bowling alleys.

How much does it cost to open a small bowling alley? estimates that for a new location, expect to $90,000 – $110,000 per lane, including land, building, and equipment, and $50,000 – $65,000 per lane if renovating an existing bowling center. Common startup costs for a bowling alley include: Building construction or renovation costs. Ball-return machines.

How big is a mini bowling lane?

Compact Lane Sizes The Mini Bowling is produced in 36′ or 45′ lane sizes; 44′ or 54′ long if you include the optional Players Area. The bowling balls & pins are smaller than normal, adapted for the smaller lane size (5.1″ in diameter for balls / 9.1″ in height for pins).

Does a bowling alley add value to a home?

A: It depends on the actual proximity of the bowling alley to the home in question. Ideally, homes can reflect an increased value when they are near shopping, restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment venues. That is of course unless they are right next door.

Are bowling alleys a good investment?

Bowling is also a cash-based business with no receivables and low inventory. And bowling venues can generate dependable revenues all year long, delivering a great return on your investment.

How much would a bowling lane cost?

For a commercial alley, it is estimated that it costs around $45,000 to build each individual lane. This figure includes using all new equipment, installing chairs, and having modern scoring equipment. The cost would decrease, of course, if the pinsetters, ball return, and furniture were purchased second hand.

What is mini bowling called?

Candlepin bowling
Candlepin bowling is a variation of bowling that is played primarily in the Canadian Maritime provinces and the New England region of the United States. It is played with a handheld-sized ball and tall, narrow pins that resemble candles, hence the name.

What is a duck in bowling?

Duckpin bowling is a variation of the sport of bowling. Duckpins, though arranged in a triangle identical to that used in ten-pin bowling, are shorter, slightly thinner, and lighter than their ten-pin equivalents, which makes it more difficult for the smaller ball to achieve a strike.

Is owning a bowling alley profitable?

How much money does a bowling alley make? According to a report by, the average bowling alley can expect to make approximately $36,750 per lane annually. The most successful bowling alley businesses are located in areas where the average household income is more than $100,000 per year.

How much would it cost to build a bowling alley?

Bowling Alley Square Foot Cost Assuming Concrete Block / Steel Roof Deck

Cost Estimate (Union Labor) % of Total Cost
Total $2,395,000
Contractor Fees (GC,Overhead,Profit) 25% $598,800
Architectural Fees 7% $209,600
Total Building Cost $3,203,300

How much does it cost to build a bowling alley?

If you are interested in the idea of having your own home bowling alley, there are some factors to consider. The investment for this form of entertainment can become quite expensive. If you compare a commercial bowling alley to a home alley and consider purchasing new equipment, you could be looking at the cost of more than $40,000 .

How much to build a bowling alley?

Before Building a Home Bowling Alley. Those who are interested should know up front that a home bowling alley is a fairly large investment. For a commercial alley, it is estimated that it costs around $45,000 to build each individual lane.

How much to open a bowling alley?

In reality, bowling can be found at a variety of hot spots, from trendy downtown bars to malls and family fun centers. Your bowling alley need not be traditional. Compete by offering something different from the local choice. Expect startup costs to exceed $100,000.

How much does a bowling alley cost?

Refer to our table below to see what the most popular bowling alley franchises cost per game. On special nights such as a cosmic bowling night, the rates can be slightly higher at $4 to $7 per game, or in some cases, the bowling alley may charge by the hour.