How much money did the movie American Sniper gross?

547.4 million USD
American Sniper/Box office

Box office. American Sniper grossed $350.1 million in North America and $197 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $547.1 million, against a budget of around $58 million.

How many confirmed kills did Chris Kyle?

160 confirmed kills
AMERICA’S deadliest sniper, Navy Seal marksman Chris Kyle, had at least 160 confirmed kills in Iraq by the Pentagon’s official count.

What happened to Chris Kyle’s wife?

Taya, who was portrayed by Sienna Miller, often became involved in the making of the 2014 film with screenwriter Jason Hall. She is now an American author, political commentator and military veteran’s family activist.

Why did they use a fake baby in American Sniper?

“Eat your heart out, Muppets,” Cooper added. In a now-deleted tweet, American Sniper screenwriter Jason Hall wrote that director Clint Eastwood opted for the fake baby after the first child selected for the sequence became ill and a second baby failed to show up on set.

How much did Bradley Cooper make off of American Sniper?

And in 2015, Forbes revealed that Cooper made a total of $41.5 million due to appearances in American Sniper and Aloha, and Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer. The publication notes that Cooper also boasted earnings from “his production company, which he runs with Hangover director Todd Phillips.”

What was on Chris Kyle’s casket?

A photo of Chris Kyle’s burial has surfaced on social media, and it appears to show that more than 100 Navy SEAL trident pins were pounded into the casket by Kyle’s fellow warriors.

Where is Kris Kyle buried?

February 12, 2013
Chris Kyle/Date of burial
Chris Kyle’s burial site at Texas State Cemetery. The Odessa native’s grave isn’t completely unadorned, however. Supporters have decorated the grave with photos, flowers, notes and flags. His grave may seem inauspicious, but it’s only temporary.

What happened to Biggles in American sniper?

In the movie, Ryan Job (or “Biggles,” played by Jake McDorman) is shot in the head and blinded by Syrian sniper Mustafa but survives long enough to propose to his girlfriend. He dies soon after, and that death defines Kyle’s fourth tour in Iraq and spurs him to seek revenge against Mustafa.

Is American sniper scary?

Brutal and exciting war thriller is graphic but has a really good plot. This brutal and terrifying war movie takes place in mid 2001 where a horse rider named Chris Kyle is going through some tough times, including a break up.

What was the box office for American Sniper?

This question is at the heart of a debate over Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, which has reached a fever pitch after the Oscar-nominated film set a record for a January box office weekend opening, with takings of $90m (£59m).

Why was the American Sniper movie so controversial?

The controversy surrounding American Sniper has little to do with the film as an artistic effort, which has generally been praised by critics.

Is the movie American Sniper a character study?

As Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir writes: “American Sniper, the movie, is a character study about a guy who sees himself as fundamentally honourable and decent, but whose simplistic moral code turns out to be exceptionally poor preparation for the real world and real warfare.”

Who was Chris Kyle in the movie American Sniper?

“Chris Kyle has entered the pantheon of American warriors – along with Alvin C York and Audie Murphy – giving a new generation of young boys a warrior-hero to look up to, to emulate,” he writes. More than that, however, he says the film also reveals the true nature of the US’s adversaries.