How much is property tax in Cambridge?

Cambridge Property Taxes

Residential Property Tax Rate for Cambridge from 2018 to 2020
Year Municipal Rate Final Tax Rate
2020 0.423120% 1.177220%
2019 0.423410% 1.184230%
2018 0.429840% 1

What are property taxes in Cambridge MA?

Q: What is the residential tax rate for Cambridge? A: For fiscal year 2021, the residential tax rate in Cambridge, MA is $5.85 per $1,000 of assessed value. The 2021 residential tax rate in Cambridge reflects an increase from 2020 of 10 cents or 2%. For fiscal year 2021, the residential exemption is $432,666.

How much is the residential exemption in Cambridge MA?

The residential tax exemption for Cambridge, MA The Cambridge residential tax exemption is 30% of the average assessed value of residential homes. In 2020 this meant a tax savings of $2,365.

What is tax rate in Cambridge MA?

Cambridge, Massachusetts sales tax rate details The Massachusetts sales tax rate is currently 6.25%.

How do I pay property taxes in Cambridge?

The City of Cambridge allows you to pay your tax bill by credit card online or by phone. Pay online or call 1 (877) 810-7295. Please note that this is a third-party bill payment option. It’s only available online or through the phone number provided.

Does Cambridge have city tax?

The City of Cambridge FY2021 real estate and personal property tax bills will be mailed on October 23, 2020….Property Tax Information.

Type Cost per $1,000
Commercial/Industrial $ 11.85
Personal Property $ 11.85
Residential Exemption $432,666.00
Tax Savings from Residential Exemption $2,531.10

What is a residential exemption?

The Residential Exemption establishes a “graduated tax”, reducing the taxes of lower valued properties while increasing the taxes of higher valued properties and non‐ owner‐occupied residential properties.

How much are property taxes in Boston?

A. The residential tax rate for properties in Boston is $10.56 per $1,000 of assessed value for the fiscal year 2019-2020, according to the city of Boston’s website. That’s just above a 1% effective tax rate, according to attorney David Saliba, principal at Saliba & Saliba in Boston.

Does Cambridge have an income tax?

Cambridge Residential Tax Rate Continues to be the Lowest Among Surrounding Communities and One of the Lowest of Any City in the Commonwealth! Approximately 65% of the revenues that fund the City’s budget are raised through property taxes.

How much is the Boston Residential exemption 2020?

A residential exemption reduces your tax bill by excluding a portion of the value of the property from taxation. In December the city set the FY 2020 residential tax rate at $10.56 per thousand in assessed value.

Does Watertown have a residential exemption?

The Residential Exemption Amount: $1,086.09 (FY 2009) Eligibility: Any residential property owner who as of January 1 occupies their home in Watertown and declares this property as their primary residence. There are no income, asset or age restrictions.

How does the city of Cambridge Mail property taxes?

Once you cancel your eBilling account, you will start receiving a paper tax bill by mail. The City of Cambridge allows you to change the mailing address on your property tax account online. You should only use this option if you are the owner of property in the City and want your mail redirected to another address.

Who is responsible for paying taxes in Cambridge Ontario?

The City is responsible for tax billing. Budgetary needs determine taxation rates. The annual budget process determines the tax rates for the City of Cambridge and the Region of Waterloo. The Province of Ontario sets the school board tax rates annually.

Is there a pub in Cambridge called the Petersfield?

The Petersfield Cambridge | Pub & Restaurant in Cambridge Imagine your ideal neighbourhood pub and it would be The Petersfield. We pride ourselves on being at the very centre of the local community, providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere and acting as a hub for residents of the surrounding area.

How to find property valuation in Cambridge MA?

For questions regarding property valuation, please contact the City of Cambridge Assessing Department at 617 349 4343 or [email protected] . Property information also is available via the on-line property database. Due to COVID-19, the Assessing Department will be offering virtual neighborhood taxpayer assistance meetings via Zoom.