How much is a student PRESTO card?

The Presto card costs $6.00. Presto cards no longer expire, even if there is an expiry date shown on the card (you may continue to use your card even after any indicated expiry date).

How do you get student discount on TTC?

Get a Student Discount Card application form from your school office. Bring your completed form (signed by your school principal or vice-principal), your Student ID card and proof of age to the TTC central Photo ID facility located at the Sherbourne subway station.

Are TTC student tickets valid?

TTC no longer accepting cash, tokens, youth and senior tickets on buses. The TTC will no longer accept payment by cash, youth and senior TTC tickets or tokens on its buses starting on Tuesday, amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

What is PRESTO card for students?

With a PRESTO card you have the freedom to travel across 11 different transit agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa. No matter which transit agency you use, you always pay the lowest fare with PRESTO. Choose your transit system below for specific information about PRESTO.

Is child PRESTO free?

Children ages 12 and under can ride the TTC for free, but the card is used for drivers and collectors to verify their age, the TTC said, adding that the misuse of child Presto cards is “significant.”

How much is a student fare on TTC?


Adult Senior (65+) / Youth (13-19)
PRESTO $3.20 $2.25
PRESTO Ticket One-ride ticket $3.25 Two-ride ticket $6.50 Day pass ticket $13.50
TTC Monthly Pass $156.00 $128.15
12-Month Pass $143.00 $117.45

How do you get student fare on Presto?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Get a GO-approved student ID either through GO Transit or at your school.
  2. Pick up a re-loadable PRESTO card.
  3. For PRESTO, set up your card for student fares in order to get discounts.
  4. Remember to always travel with your GO-approved student ID and show it for fare inspection.

How do I get post secondary Presto?

Get a post-secondary student Metropass: Purchase a PRESTO card at many subway stations, PRESTO vending machine, Shopper’s Drug Mart, or online at 2. Create a user account at and associate your card with your account 3.

How do students get PRESTO?

Where do I Change my TTC Student Pass?

However, you can set the pass to deduct the post-secondary student fare at Shoppers Drug Mart, or by taking your card to the TTC Customer Service Centre above Davisville Station to change the setting on your card. You must bring government issued identification or your TTC post-secondary photo identification card.

What is the 12 month pass on the TTC?

The TTC 12 Month Pass is an annual pass that provides unlimited travel across the TTC. It requires a 12-month commitment for which you pay monthly at a discounted rate. This pass is a replacement for the TTC’s Metropass Discount Plan (MDP).

How much does it cost to pay for a TTC ticket?

If you’re boarding the TTC through a subway station, you can pay a single fare to the collector in the ticket booth, who will be able to give you change if necessary. You can’t use an automated entrance or turnstile if you’re paying cash. Adult/Post-Secondary Student: $3.25

How much does a 12 month Metro pass cost?

The 12-Month Pass costs the same, requires the same 12 month commitment and provides the same unlimited travel as the MDP pass did. Adult: $146.25 for a regular Metropass Senior/Student: $116.75 for a regular Metropass There is also a Post-Secondary Student Metropass available for $116.75.