How much does the Princeton Review cost?

Look Up Your ZIP Code to See the PriceProductPrivatePremierLow$2,760$6,600Medium$3,000$7,200High$3,240$7,800High$8,40

Is Princeton Review worth the money?

Of course. For example, The Princeton Review, one of the best-known and most widely used prep services, can run up a tab of well over $1,000 for a thirty hour tutoring session. However, according to statistics provided by The Princeton Review, this money is going to good use.

What grade is level J in Kumon math?

J by 6 is the Kumon new instructional slogan. The students who successfully reach Kumon math or reading program J level by 6th grade. Level J is 10th grade school level by the national standard. Students can study material that is 3 years or more beyond their school grade level independently.

Why is Kumon so successful?

Kumon’s personalized approach helps children learn math and reading concepts based on their ability rather than their age or grade. With Kumon’s emphasis on self-learning, preschool through high school students become self-reliant and gain confidence to learn new materials at their own pace.

Does Kumon help ADHD?

Despite suffering from learning disabilities, and other disabilities such as pervasive development disorder, mental retardation, Down syndrome, ADHD, and cerebral palsy, there are things that every child, without exception, can accomplish. The Kumon Method enables children to work on tasks that they can do.